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God and the Golden Dawn

The Internet has been seeing a debate about the influence of religion in the Golden Dawn. One person said she had problems with the Golden Dawn work because she had largely “lost her faith” as a result of her experiences with Roman Catholicism. The Golden Dawn makes the claim that it is religion non-specific and the second order requires you to be sympathetic to Christian symbolism.Most of those who followed the Golden Dawn historically have been Christian, although extremely unorthodox, and in modern times there have been those who have been interested in paganism.One of the main weaknesses of the atheism of people like Richard Dawkins is that it is entirely based on the assumption that religion is comfortably defined

Material world

Recently I have been looking for an angel with which to do some material wealth magic. For many years I have used the usual suspects of El, and the Archangel of Jupiter and his assorted minions. This generally worked, but in an extremely general way.However I started wondering why there was an Angel of getting the lids off peanut butter jars, but I could not find an Angel of money. There were plenty of demons and cacodemons I could call up but no good guys.This creates a problem. If money can only be called up by demons then it means that ALL rich people are evil. Such a concept is stupid and