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Golden Dawn Temple Deck Update

Harry and Nicola have done a video showing the images of the forthcoming Golden Dawn Temple Deck.   It is looking really good!  The bonus is that the YouTube flick comes with a soundtrack from Harry and Nico's album.

The Three Chiefs of the Golden Dawn

hy the Past Hierophant needs to get the bootThe top table of chiefs are composed of the Imperator, the Cancellarius and Praemonstrator. The Hierophant is also supposed to sit between them and behind him sits the Past-Heirophant.Throughout the history of the Golden Dawn little work has been done about the magical function of these officers. Instead the titles are seen as mostly administrative. The person who fancies themselves in charge of the group takes the role of Imperator because it means “the person who rules” and it gets to stick them on a throne above all the others dressed in bright red and holding a jolly big sword. However this ego stroke shows the ignorance of

Diagrams in the Golden Dawn

For many years I have been working in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn where few of the diagrams of the Golden Dawn where used in the initiation rituals.  This is because the HOGD and many modern Golden Dawn orders were based on the rituals printed by Israel Regardie just before the Second World War in his Golden Dawn book. The Bristol temple was going through a phase of removing parts of the ritual it did not understand or felt were cumbersome and the versions of the rituals that Regardie experienced were these cut down rite. The candidate still saw the diagrams, they were given to him or her during their course work and that was felt to be