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Pat Zalewski’s Antidote to Golden Dawn Bullshit

FOR MANY years now it has been possible to set up a Golden Dawn group based on Israel Regardie's book perhaps supplanted with a few “unpublished manuscripts” picked up elsewhere. If a subject was too high-level you could shove it into the higher grades where few would ever see it.You could argue that your's was the one real Golden Dawn. Most of these groups run rituals like Masonic orders. Indeed they tend to attract masons who always seem to be on the look out for something new to join. Rituals are read from the Black Book 6th Edition Regardie and the value of the ritual, and the skill of the Hierophant is decided on the basis of how well it

Book review: The Golden Dawn The Unpublished Lectures of the Hermetic Order of the AO

On the subject of printing secrets, we have this little controversial book which was released a couple of weeks or so ago. The book covers a few of the papers which were stored in the Slater Collection which are later AO.The information created a controversy when someone who is sitting on a pile of photocopies from the Slater Collection insisted that one of the articles were “forged” and the book was a “fraud” because he didn't have it in his collection. In fact, all 12 papers are real and from the Slater collection and the writer deserves an apology, at least on that score. For these 12 papers the book the 122 page book is worth the price. But