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Jeff and the Archetypal Occult Order

This never made it into When a Tree Falls.  It did not really work with the plot... According to Plato's School:In the time of the dreaming the One God, who was known as Jeff (for Nigel would be stupid name for a major deity), had an idea. According to Plato, normally Jeff's Ideas were to create tables, the duck-billed platypus, caves, or Belgium, but this time it was more important.I created the universe as a perfect mirror of who I am, so that I can understand myself better, he reasoned. Therefore I shall create, within humanity, a method so people can be like me. The more people are like me, then the more they will understand and

Bill of Rights for esoteric groups

Nick Farrell's ideas for the melting pot 1. A teacher is also a student, and the teacher and the student are members of an Order.The Bill of Rights applies to all those who have signed it and also indicates their attitude to individuals, Orders and Groups who have not.For the Student:has the right and duty to ask questions and receive an answer which they can understand.has the right to be allowed to develop their individuality and not have that dictated to them by the Order or the teacher.should not be exploited for any spiritual or material gain.should not be prejudiced against on the basis of the sex, religion, race, sexual preference

10 Signs that an occult leader has lost the plot

Leaders of esoteric groups are in a difficult position trying to balance their own spiritual path with helping others. Sometimes it all proves too much and they go off the rails. However there are 10 basic signs that things are about to go pear shaped which followers should react to. Mathers never went off the rails.  No way! . They start thinking that they, and their group are actually important. Perhaps the most famous esoteric order in the world – the Golden Dawn – had a fewer than 130 members in its history. Whare Ra had much more than that, but significantly not much more. One of the largest Golden Dawn groups

Whare Ra and me

There has been a couple of posts on the world wide wibble which seems to imply that I had no connection with the Adepts of Whare Ra.  This is a little surprising as no one has ever questioned me on this before.  Tony Fuller, Pat Zalweski and Mike Burden should be able to back the story up as all of them were there for different parts of the story. I started out in Builders of the Adytum in New Zealand. At that point it was being run by Will Chesterman. In the middle of the 1980s, Chesterman made it fairly clear that I was going nowhere in BOTA because I was a journalist and he was worried that I

List of things that are unimportant to the Golden Dawn Tradition

As an extension to my “List of things you thought were true about the Golden Dawn but weren't”, below is a list of things that huge chunks of Internet bandwidth are wasted on. These give outsiders and insiders the impression that they are important. Yet the Golden Dawn Tradition can safely do without them.LineageThe myth: That it is incredibly important to have a connection with the original Golden Dawn. It is vital that your group claims some lineage.The reality: If Lineage had any magical use the GD would be dead in the water as there would not be a Golden Dawn order in existence that could claim it. For Lineage to take place you

Nick Farrell unfair to cyclists

It has been bought to my attention that there are those who feel that my book “Mathers' Last Secret” is unfair to cyclists. The common thread in the complaint is that I fail to understand the esoteric importance of cycling to the western mystery tradition. By making comparisons between a working magical lodge (good) and cycling (bad) I have understated the importance of cycling generally.A meeting of Waite's Holy OrderIt is well known that it is vital that people are aware that Mathers and Westcott cycled and that to truly understand the Golden Dawn we have to understand cycling. Apparently it is vital that the male bike is used as the ladies bike is apparently irregular