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Inner and Outer

Since the Second World War, thanks to the efforts of Dion Fortune and her followers, magic has moved from doing things on the material level (while hopefully looking above) to working on the Inner Levels. This has been more noticeable in the UK, where Fortune's off-shoots have ruled the roost. As Marian Green once said “we are making beautiful temples and then going into them and shutting our eyes”.Having trained in the Dion Fortune tradition, I can see its advantages and flaws. On the plus side it encourages the development inner vision to see what is really going on. However it lacks a lot of the personal development work which is required from, say, the Outer Order

What Regardie didn’t know about the Golden Dawn

This article was originally published in Hermetic Virtues.  That magazine is a must have for any serious student of occultism and particularly the Golden Dawn.  All the proceeds go to a good cause too Regardie is the main reason that the Golden Dawn magical system is popular. It was his Golden Dawn book, published just before the Second World War, which is considered the bible of the modern Golden Dawn movement. There are those who insist that the vision of the Golden Dawn, presented in the 6th Llewellyn edition is the real Golden Dawn and anyone else who does not use it is somehow “unorthodox”.This is deeply ironic, given what those who knew the man have

Unpublished Golden Dawn manuscript released

A special Ritual Edition of Hermetic Virtues is out and it includes quite a few interesting rituals including an article of mine publishing the original Golden Dawn sword consecration rite (which has not seen the light of day before) and my suggestions about how it could be improved using the Z formula.There are some good articles including:+ Outer Order Ritual of the Seven-Branched Candlestick by Sandra Tabatha Cicero+ The Magician by Harry Wendrich+ Lycanthropy in the Golden Dawn Tradition by John Michael Greer+ The Golden Dawn Bornless Invocation by Aaron Leitch+ Opening the Temple in Malkuth First Part - Opening Malkuth by Jayne Gibson+ Practice Ritual for opening the Elemental Grades in the Outer by Frater A.M.+ The unpublished original GD method of consecrating a