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Limited number of Golden Dawn Tarot Meditation sets available

I have a really limited number of A5 sized Golden Dawn Temple Deck major arcana available which I am selling on a first come first served basis. The 23 cards (there are two versions of Temperance) are A5 size and designed for meditation, but they could be equally used for ritual or talismans. The set also comes with a book written by Harry Wendrich and I, which explains how the cards can be used.This beautiful Golden Dawn Temple deck is the art work of Harry Wendrich and they are designed to the specifications of the Book T and the various Golden Dawn manuscripts.  Each one has a full colour version of the Secret Key of Tarot which

History of the Golden Dawn and Mathers

Four years ago I had a draft of King over the Water. It featured the history of the Golden Dawn and the AO as it was then known, mostly based on Sword of Wisdom, Magicians of the Golden Dawn by Ellic Howe and the various Golden Dawn histories by RA Gilbert. At the time I did not intend to go far into the history of either, just to slide it into context with the AO Nisi documents which I wanted to publish. In the end I put these into Mather's LastSecret so there was room to expand the history somewhat.I had shown the original King over the Water to RA Gilbert who pointed out to

King over the Water paperback is out

The paperback edition of King over the Water is now out, with the hardback hitting the streets next week. It tells the latest history of the early Golden Dawn and in particular Samuel Mathers and the Golden Dawn. It can be found onAmazon and Barnesand Noble for now but we should be getting it into all good bookshops and a few more mediocre ones who hope to be a bit better. Morgan has written a review here and he seems to think that some people might have a problem with it. I can't think why, it is all true :-)

Attending Workshops

Writing in his blog, a chief of a modern AO Order,  David Griffin claimed that there were Golden Dawn Orders that had told there members that they were forbidden to attend his Golden Dawn conference later this year. My first thought was “what autocratic Order would be dumb enough to do such a thing?” Then I realised that it was actually possible.Chic and Tabatha Workshop in the 1990s.  I was in David Goddard's  Pharos Group at the time and had hair.I left New Zealand to attend occult conferences and workshops. Throughout the 1990s I dont think there was a single one that I could have gone to that I did not. Some of them were run

Want to buy a second hand Mathers’ Lineage?

In the research I did for my new book King over the Water, I came across one very interesting fact which surprised me. There have been a number of Orders out there who claim that they have lineage from the Isis-Urania Temple of Mathers. This was the temple that Mina set up in London after her husbands death and which continued under one of her students Garstin. Garstin was not the supreme chief of that order. Mina had handed the chief-ship to someone else I have named in my book.King over the Water ready for pre-order This Supreme Chief was ordered in the 1940's to close the Order down. The AO's work,  it was said

Ruby Tablet

Darcy Kuntz has just released his RUBY TABLET  which should be important reading for anyone interested in the Golden Dawn tradition.  Darcy is using the magazine to release documents which have been unpublished.  As you will be aware this is a particular bugbear of mine which in my view has made a small group of people who do no magical work more important to some groups than they should be.There is a black market in trading of Golden Dawn photocopies which when they end up in the wrong hands, get traded for grades and favours. Sometimes if a group has a collection of photocopies it gives these out as proof that it has true lineage and other groups do not...