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David Griffin lied to his own members to start a flame war

David Griffin has been caught doctoring quotes in my book King over theWater in a desperate bid to rally his own Order into a flame war.Earlier this week Griffin ordered his troops to hit with one star reviews because of a phrase in my book which he claimed said that I was accusing his order of being a personality cult. This is the quote with which he rallied his troops: "By the end of the 20th Century this availability of [Golden Dawn] information enabled various reenactment groups to be established. Some of these groups are sound... Unfortunately, other groups border on religious or political cults, typically centered on a single leader.... Typically such groups claim a link to that

Is the Golden Dawn doomed?

I had an email from a person who I respect who works with the Rosicrucian movement in Germany. Very well connected, they seem to have strong links to the original Golden Dawn. They are also about to publish material which they claim will show that the Golden Dawn was a waste of space and will identify the real sources of magic and Rosicrucianism. Interesting stuff but the point was that the person was making a very valid point.“When the head of a Golden Dawn order, like David Griffin feels that it is perfectly acceptable to order his group to attack a writer online there is something deeply rotten in the egregrore of the system,” he said.His

David Griffin flips his lid over King over the Water

King over the Water had been getting good reviews from a  large number of people who I did not know and I was feeling pretty pleased. I also had the nod from some of the more serious scholars in the occult community that it was a very good history.  Then over night three "one star"reviews appeared on Amazon. The people who made the posts were known associates from David Griffin's AO. This was a bit of a surprise to me as one of them included his wife who he claimed had nothing to do with the AO or the Golden Dawn.  It was also strange because David and his group had been surprisingly friendly lately and I hoped that his

The Mongrol child

Over the years I have read a lot of books on magic. I have also experienced the way that different groups work. All of them have a philosophy behind them, some even had a religion. They all worked in their way, some better than others.Yet the big problem is that generally they conflict in crucial ways, and above all, they could not be all right.Occultism is really a mongrel orphan child whose suspect parents abandoned it long ago. While we can see its existence in various ideas through-out history, it is fair to say that it never existed in the way it does now.  All these different streams are integrated as part

Setting up an Order

One of the early difficulties for an Order is that you get lots of members wanting to join and set up their own temples.On one hand more temples good for the Order, it means that you can offer training in lots of different locations and effectively your teaching spreads. However at the same time, if you were to allow this, the quality of your training plummets. If an Order is created by someone with magical experience, perhaps in different groups, who has made their own contacts and developed their own pattern of teaching they become a source for a base of founders.These founders become the first wave of the “new” tradition. They are trained using the experience

Review of Dean F Wilson’s Enochian Magic in Theory

Firstly I have to say I am little biased about this book. Dean is the main partner in the publishing outfit we are both involved with. However, since I was not involved with the layouts or anything on this project I had to wait as long as everyone else to see a copy. I first became interested in Enochian in the 1990s and was among a group which was not particularly impressed with the GD's approach to it. That is not to say we didn't try it. There were some glorious moments pathworking into the Enochian Aethyrs and some outright unpleasant ones. On the plus there was a moment where an angel predicted the Bosnian

Has the global conspiracy bumped off David Griffin?

Now we eagerly await David Griffin's future revelations on who is the puppet master of the Modern Golden Dawn.P.S DavidAlthough I appreciate that you no longer are accusing me of being a hacker, I did notice your threat on your blog to scan my books in and distribute them free.  Unfortunately the law does not work that way when it comes to books.  You had better hope that my books are not scanned because after your public confession that you were going to do so yours would be the first place the police would investigate.The book of the tomb of course is available for download for anyone who wants it.  I have tidied up some of the graphics for