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Gods of the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn has an unusual attitude to Gods, which can be best described as an intellectual abstraction which is disconnected from their god status.Osiris During a 0=0 ceremony, the Heirophant creates a battery of Egyptian godforms which matches the Book of the Dead. These were closer to thought forms, because in most cases the officers, who were unorthodox Christians, would not have considered them “real” in any sense of the world. Each god would be dressed in a specific way which would allow them to reflect the colours and powers of the Golden Dawn system, rather than any attachment to ancient Egypt.These godforms acted like thought forms which effected change within the candidate's sphere of sensation by virtue

Power, Magic and psychology

It does not matter what you think or say your motivations were for getting involved in magic, it’s almost certainly really going to be something to do with power. We want to be more powerful than our circumstances allow us to be. It isn’t because you want to serve the light, it isn’t because you want to help people or find the God within, or any other sanctimonious reason, it’s because you are attracted to a path that promises power. But  power is a bad thing, isn't it? The bad guys in the comics like Lex Luther crave power and magicians want to be the good guy, the Superman. Yeah right, leaving aside the self delusion behind that statement

Banishing Mathers

There is an old bugbear about doing banishing after you consecrate a talisman. It all comes from Samuel Mathers who wrote at the end of the Z documents section on making a talisman that you should wrap up your talisman in silk. He said that you should not perform a banishing in the room because you will discharge the talisman completely.Those who believe that Mathers spoke with the authority of God, or his secret chiefs, claimed that this piece of information is absolutely right. They tell their students that banishing will remove all the charge from everything in the room!Mathers was never sure if he wasGolden Dawn or King Solomon. TheCrown here is from the Greater

John Dee and the seven-branched candlestick of the Golden Dawn

When Samuel Mathers included Enochian within the Golden Dawn system, he used a manuscript called Sloane 307 which he found in the British Museum. The document post-date's Dee by some decades and is a practical way into the later Dee work. There was a belief that Sloane 307 represented a magical tradition using Enochian dating back to a closed circle around Dee. As I pointed out in King over the Water Samuel showed it to one of his early mentors Kenneth MacKenzie, who is the most likely candidate to have written the Cypher manuscripts. The definitive edition of Trueand Faithful is Stephen Skinner'sBeautiful new leather boundEditionUnfortunately for Mathers, Sloane 307 was unlikely to have anything to do

Names and Images is cake rather than icing.

In his review of Names and Images by Peregrin Wildoak, the British esoteric writer Gareth Knight said that the book shows that there is a magical substance in the Golden Dawn after all.The Golden Dawn has become a bit of a joke in the land of its birth. It is forever associated with people claiming high grades, flame wars, court cases, using shedloads of magical gear, and wearing the silliest of robes. In the UK magical scene you would never see a trained magician shove 7=4 under their name in public even if they were entitled to it. It is one of the reasons that the US Golden Dawn orders have had a limited impact in the UK, because

Meditation on the seventh Jupiter Pentacle

Mathers wrote: “This pentacle has great power if you consider it with the verse “he raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap Dunghill” This pentacle does not have an angel associated with it and Mathers claims that it will stop the angels and demons who are protecting treasure from falling into your hands. In short it is the key to material wealth.So lets look at this verse and see what it means. Adam was made from the 'dust of the earth'. Cabbalistically this means that the scattering of light within creation. This light was gathered by god and ensouled with the divine breath. The light has to pulls

Life of Brian was the beginning of my spiritual path

Monty Python’s Life of Brian opened on August 17, 1979 in New York and Los Angeles. At the time I was a 14 year old fundamentalist Christian and I was told by our leaders not to see the film."I am sorry, I really didn't think that you could have amass initiation in the 5=6We were told that it insulted Jesus, it was blasphemous and above all it was cruel to all those who followed Christ. Life of Brian was banned in several countries, including Norway (say no more!)When it appeared in New Zealand some of my mates went out and picketed it. I remember one guy even bought his own cross. When the reporters asked if

Why I am not a Christian.

Organised religion for me is problematic. I started out at aged ten falling into a born again cult which lasted for nearly seven years. During that period I learnt a lot about the bible and organised religion, but I did not like what I had become. There were loads of people telling me what was truth and telling me that someone called Jesus wanted me to be intolerant. Then when I was 16 was in a deep meditation and I suddenly realised that the problem was that I was looking at the world as if Christianity was actually the ONLY way of seeing things. I knew there was a god but I was not