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Communicating the Darkness (example of Z2)

Below is an example of how you use the Z2 documents to construct a ritual. In this case it is a talisman to assist a person who is suffering from a Pluto square Pluto transit. Rather than invoking more Pluto it uses Mercury to communicate what the transit is trying to do so that they can co-operate with it. Pluto and Saturn transits can be bothersome because the person may want to change but it is not clear what they are supposed to do.The Z2 documents provide a skeleton outline for a Golden Dawn Ritual so that they can be bolstered out and adapted. In modern terms they are a bit of a cut and paste. The version

Why is the Moon grade connected to the element of Air?

One of the questions we get asked the most about the 2=9 is why is it attributed to the element of Air. After all the Moon regulates the tides and there is all sorts of water symbolism that is associated with Luna.It is a question that might not have occurred to students of the Golden Dawn before the twentieth century . This is because the association of water to the moon is a fairly modern attribution.Until the wide scale adoption of the notion that the earth and all the planets orbited the Sun and the moon orbited the earth, there was a more hierarchical order to the universe.Below was the earth and water which we could walk or