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The Trans-Saturn Planets, Alchemy and the powers of the higher self.

I have not been a fan of the “later planets” such as Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune because they tend to stuff up everything when it comes to Cabalah etc. In my view the more traditional “seven planets” work fine for magical work and I had doubts as to whether the three new ones had much of an influence. Besides Pluto was not a planet and there might be lots of Pluto like planets out there which have not been discovered yet.Recently I have been reading Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart by Stephen Arroyo. Given that I don't believe in re-incarnation either, this should have been a tricky read.

Hermetic Virtues — a sign of unity in the GD

Hermetic Virtues was five years old this issue and I have been writing for it since issue one.  The magazine was aimed at a support for Chic Cicero but fast became a rallying point for the Golden Dawn community.  Like the recent congratulations card (which now has about a thousand signatures from all over the Golden Dawn community) HV is proof of how unified the Golden Dawn community is and how it works together to bring knowledge to those who follow the GD tradition.  HV's mailing list is now about 900 Golden Dawn members.  It is worthwhile noting that every significant Golden Dawn writerand a few up coming star  has put in an article in HV. There will be a few

Harry at Tarot Exhibition

Harry is showing off some of the original paintings used in the Golden Dawn Temple Deck at Glastonbury next month.  The full sized paintings are breathtaking.  I have two hanging over my bed.I have about a dozen meditation sized decks left if anyone wants to drop me an email.  They are £50 plus postage and packing/ 

Anniversary for the Modern Golden Dawn

After the Golden Dawn's light at Whare Ra was extinguished, it did not take long to be reborn in a different form. This week, as a sign of the solidarity and friendship amongst the Modern Golden Dawn Leaders and members of the Western Mystery Tradition, we all signed a declaration of congratulations to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn on the 30th anniversary of the consecration of the Vault by Israel Regardie.  If you hear that there are Flame Wars between members of the Golden Dawn, you might want to look at this list.  Then you would realise that how many of the Modern  Golden Dawn Orders are working together and are friendly.  When you look at this list you will