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Something strange in the AO Tarot

I was going through my pile of NISI AO manuscripts to help a friend with a research project and I found something a little surprising. In amongst the knowledge papers was a list of the titles of tarot cards and their numbering (see picture). It is important to realise that this was post Golden Dawn and Samuel Mathers was fully entitled to break with tradition. However, he was extremely pleased with his contribution to the Golden Dawn tarot and particularly the numbering and allocations to the paths. Given that these paths are now considered standard, it seems a little odd that Mathers' AO appeared to go back on them and returned to the traditional system.There

Unpublished AO and Golden Dawn Alchemical diagrams

I was reviewing some of the unpublished AO documents I have  to see if there were any noticeable differences from either the later Stella Matutina versions.  These two diagrams come from the early AO and the Nisi collection, which formed the basis of my Mathers' Last Secret and King Over the Water  book.  Since it was different from the Stella Matutina versions printed by Pat Zalewski in his Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentary Book, I thought that readers of my blog might appreciate it.  The diagrams are simpler than the Whare Ra versions which now appear to be a later development.These two diagrams were shown to the candidate during the 2=9 ritual and they provide a somewhat strange attribution of the metals to the Tree

Organised religion who gets involved?

I generally have a problem with organised religion as prefer not having to outsource too much of my thinking to someone else and being a triple leo I don't like the idea of being told what to do.  It is not as if I hate any religion.  I actually find them fascinating, it is just that settling on one Organised one gives me a headache. All religions as having an element of truth in them, but they also contain huge amounts of bullshit which appears to come from the fact that their original founding premise was a little screwed.I was watching a BBC programme about religion and it touched on several of the points I find weak about the whole

THE CYCLE OF MEDITATION: an unpublished Whare Ra paper

This Golden Dawn paper came from Percy Wilkinson's collection. Percy was a long serving member of Whare Ra joining in the 1950s and formally leaving only after it closed. It is not clear who wrote this paper and it seems to owe much to Geoffrey Hodson who was an English Theosophist. Before he died at age 94 he had written more than 40 books dealing with topics such as meditation, the spiritual life, health and disease, and clairvoyance.Crowley demonstrates the technique for rolling your own whiledeep in a Meditative state.THE CYCLE OF MEDITATION (With acknowlegement to the writings of Geoffrey Hodson)PURPOSE: The purpose of meditation is to effect a unity between the lower mind and the

New review of Dean’s Enochian book

Review by Charles Humphries(Published in a forthcoming issue of Behutet Magazine)Enochian Magic in TheoryDean F. Wilson (a.k.a. Frater Yechidah)Kerubim Press, Copyright Dublin 2012 Trade Paperback, Nonfiction, Magick ReferenceISBN: 978-1-908705-03-7$30.00 US (most websites and retailers) F. Wilson has offered the first of two of what look to be refreshing and welcome additions to the Enochian Section of any Magician’s library. Meant to be the first of two books, one of Theory and one of Practice, Enochian Magic in Theory is basically a summary of the structure of the extant records of the operations of John Dee and Edward Kelley. There are several accounts of these, with most die-hard enthusiasts having and perusing their own scans of the manuscripts themselves. I myself have spent