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Playing at Magic

There was a time, in the English language, where you could only dabble in the occult. The implication was that no matter how seriously you took your magical path, as far as the real world was concerned you were only mucking about. The idea of “dabbling” mean that if something went wrong in a magical experiment, it was down to you not taking it seriously.One of the downsides of the modern age is that beginners have access to more information than they used to and this makes “dabbling” much easier than it was before.As a result you find views being forged which are based on reading books by “new age experts” or “fantasists”. This type of person

Book Review: Contacts of the Adepts by Josphine McCarthy

At the beginning of the 21st century Magic became divided between two flavours. The first is what I would call the Inner Tradition and the other is the Ritual Tradition. Ironically both traditions all can be sourced to the Golden Dawn which started at the beginning of the previous century.The Inner Tradition was best described to me by Marion Green who said it involved building a nice temple and then shutting your eyes and going elsewhere. Its practitioners tend to spend a lot of time on the astral plane chatting to inner plane beings and talking about “inner structures”. Any ritual techniques are based on helping the magician reach a state of mind where they can experience such things.In the