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The Dark Night of the Soul

Most people get their Dark Knights confusedThe Dark night of the Soul is a mystical term which was first coined by St John of the Cross to describe a period of dryness where a person seems disconnected from what these days we call our Higher Self.The new age, including some magicians, tend to apply this term to a range of emotions from “falling under the weather” to being depressed.   People talk as if a dark night of the soul was common or inevitable and you will sometimes hear them moan “I am going through a dark night of the soul at the moment.”  Next week they will usually be happy and any dark nights have past.Dark nights are not that

Why magical rituals fail

Some rituals have the best intentionsAlthough occult books are full of yarns about magic’s success stories there are few tales of what happens when magic goes wrong  I have been noticing that a sector of my life is largely immune to magic of late.  I have tried a number of different rituals to over come this problem and nothing has worked.  As a result I have been focusing on the issue a fair bit and I am looking to find a solid rule for magical failure.I have been playing devil’s advocate on Facebook on this question to see what people’s thoughts about the matter are and it was about what I expected.  Occultism suddenly becomes a religion when things go

Samuel Mathers and Wargaming in the Golden Dawn

Samuel Mathers One little known aspect of Samuel Mathers’ life was his love of what these days is called wargaming.   Wargaming is like chess, only it involves the accurate depiction of a battle using toy soldiers on a realistic looking miniature battlefield.For those who are not familiar with it, it is nuts.  It looks like grown men playing with toy soldiers.  It is like when you were a kid where you had plastic Airfix models that you rolled marbles at.  It is the sort of thing that you grow out of.  In fact it is a lot more complex than that and having played wargaming for a large chunk of my life it is somewhat addictive. Most wargamers know they