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Material magic – under the moon

I have had a few questions about the diagram I drew yesterday showing the underworld.  Yes it does mean that I am saying that Dee’s Enochian Aethyers are part of the Underworld and in Christian terms subject to demonic influence.In many ways this explains some of the problems that Dee had with his angels, something that people like David Goddard and Paul Foster Case blamed on the scrying of Kelly.  However, if the Aethyers were part of the upper underworld, then it would explain the erratic visions of Angels that people get when skrying them.   It would also explain why Chorozon, who is the Devil, in Dee’s system resides amongst them. It is one of the dangers of having

Material Magic

In this blog I am going to get technical, so sorry about that.  It is my spin on the issue of magic which is being chatted about by several magicians who I respect namely Perigrin Wildoak , Aaron Leitch , Morgan Eckstine  and Don Kraig  who have been debating the issue of material magic and if magicians need to be rich or not.Perigrin takes the view that magic is for service to humanity only and part of a spiritual path which is supposed to connect us to the One Thing. “ I am very happy that western learned magic was reframed into a more spiritual direction. It makes sense to me. I am also of the opinion that is was

What sort of stereotypical hermetic student are you?

Hermetic groups are packed with lots of different types of people, but you start to notice a few stereotypes.  Here is my list, it is not complete and not to be taken seriously.The TouristThe Tourist joins lots of different groups and never settles with one.  They can be trying their hands at Tantra at one moment and crystals the next.  They never get anywhere and would be better off being muggles.  They have strong opinions about the niceness of the world because they never tend to hang around long enough to see its dark-side. The PendantDo not tend to stay long in esoteric groups because none of them match their exacting standards.  Feel that a group is defined by the

One important thing to stop doing if you are Pagan

An article was posted on Pagan Wiccan About   with the title Ten Things to Stop Doing if You're Pagan.It has a list of things which Pagans should stop doing, now that they are Pagan and most of it makes a lot of sense. Things like stop trying to fit your new religion into your old one (read Christianity);   Stop assuming all Pagans are the same etc.  All good stuff, but then it got to one which stuck in my craw a bit.  “Stop Being Silent.”Its argument was that many Pagan traditions follow a guideline that includes the idea of keeping silent.  Yet it complains that pagans use this as an excuse not to speaking out when injustice is

Shadows of the Infinite

Magic once seemed black and white. My teachers made it clear that you should not work with demons or dark gods and only needed to emphasis the light.  It pre-supposed that such black magic existed, but it needed to be ignored.  Concentrating on such forces was not only unbalanced, but it led you to all sorts of problems and mental instability.  Their case was re-enforced by the fact that the only people who apparently wanted to touch such magical systems were kids or those who were desperate to shock their parents.  The only notable advocates of such systems, such as Kenneth Grant and Aleister Crowley, were scary.  Systems also required the use of techniques which were pretty disgusting, with ritual

Becoming something different

There are times when we do not believe that we can escape who or what we are.  This happened to me when my first marriage ended.  The Nick that went through that process simply was too weak to continue.  With my self-confidence at a low and depression settling in I could not work out a way to break out of the misery that I was in. I used a magical technique called assuming a godform to help me out of it.In many ways it was a form of psychological magic as it did not have to be as strong as building a godform for a magical operation, but I did have to assume it a lot to get the effect