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Who is the Golden Dawn community?

Community: A social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests andperceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists(usually preceded by the): the business community; the community of scholars.Dictionary.comThe Communtaries  on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls (which can be bought here)  book was written by the “Golden Dawn Community.”  This leads to the question what is the Golden Dawn Community and who are its members?   Now before we get to specifics I should put up my hand and say it was me that project managed the book, contacted all the people who ended up writing it and laid it out so if groups or individuals are missing it is

The Devil has had a very poor press

Fellow Golden Dawner, Perigrin Wildoak has been feeling that he is writing a lot of articles which has resulted in him being stereotypes as a Christian apologist.   To help him out I felt there was a need to balance his good works in what is probably the closest  I have come to writing a MOTO blog.In the 1980s there was a Not the Nine o Clock News sketch with the title “Is the Devil All Bad.”  It attempted to show how silly the “cool” British Anglican church had become by being too all embracing to different faiths and schisms.  If you are going to be all interdenominational why not accept Satanism as a rival religion?Most muggles think that occultists

Flying Rolls book reveals Golden Dawn Community Secret

This week the pre-release of a new book written by the leaders of the Golden Dawn Community was announced.  This book  Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community (ISBN 978-1-908705-07-5), due to launch on 14 June 2013.  The book's release is important on a number of different levels. Firstly the Flying Rolls were instructional papers circulated within the historical Golden Dawn.   They were never released in a complete package before and some of the copies which were circulated publically had missing diagrams.  Israel Regardie had hacked some of the Flying Rolls to fit the publishing constraints of his book. He also missed some very important ones.  Francis King issued some more in the 1980s