Testing a secret chief

One of the reasons I have insisted on my secret chiefs test is because it is very important that there is some form of scientific testing of the concept.  One of the reasons I have kept banging on about it […]

The myth of the perfect teacher

There is a myth in esoteric orders that the teacher of any esoteric order is perfect and knows everything.To prop up the fantasy when it is fairly clear that teachers do not know anything, or even can’t tie their own […]

A Godwin’s Law for Occult discussions

Mike Godwin (thanks Wikimedia) In 1990 Mike Godwin stated the Internet adage that as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.Although he was mostly talking about Usenet groups, he thought that given […]

Purging masonry from the Golden Dawn

Jake Stratton-Kent Today the Goetic magician Jake Stratton-Kent posted an interesting statement on his Yahoo group where he derided ritual magicians tendency to form masonic style groups. Like many of us he find the ‘Masonic’ model a dead loss in […]

Offending the Secret Chiefs

One of the dangers of having a system based on Secret Chiefs, either internally or externally, is that you are able to offend them. In this respect they certainly are similar to Godforms. There are cases where people are said […]

Secret Chiefs the gods of the occultists

  The idea of secret chiefs is in evolution. In some cases they have become more involved and more complex, with Secret Chiefs being obliged to develop ever more difficult rules.  In other cases they have become completely dumbed down […]