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For the last few weeks I have been busy on a non-occulty project called (STN)  It is a news for nerds site but it is entirely humour-based and satire.    It covers tech news, but also science and archeology.  If I am honest it covers the sort of non-occult stuff, rants and humour that interests me written in a way I find amusing.   I find it interesting that on this site I can't stop myself making bizarre occulty references  and writing in Sci-fi references and stories.I hope it takes off because it has been a lot of effort.  Those who have visited it like it and we are just starting to get the site onto all the search engines and

Diagrams in the Golden Dawn

Few of the diagrams of the Golden Dawn are used in the Modern Golden Dawn initiation rituals.  This is because many modern Golden Dawn orders were based on the rituals printed by Israel Regardie just before the Second World War in his Golden Dawn book. The Bristol temple was going through a phase of removing parts of the ritual it did not understand or felt were cumbersome and the versions of the rituals that Regardie experienced were these cut down rite. The candidate still saw the diagrams, they were given to him or her during their course work and that was felt to be enough.When deciding on the rituals of the Magical

Painting of Edward Kelly turns up at auction

Edward Kelly from the rare pictureA very rare painting of Dr John Dee’s magic partner Edward Kelley has just been sold at auction.  Measuring over 8ft wide (2.49m), it was painted on nine wooden boards and depicted the alchemist (1555-1597) it had been stored in a stable in Warwickshire and then a coachhouse in mid Wales for many years, it had previously sold at a public auction within the last ten years but then re-emerged at Mellors & Kirk's two-day auction on June 12-13.It is the only known painted image of Kelley. Simply cataloged as '17thcentury English School', and was not printed from real life,In fact it appears to have been based on a later woodcut image of Kelley

Golden Dawn Spirit Vision over Pathworking

 I wrote this in 2009 and I thought it was time to dust it off now that my new book Magical Imagination, which is reviewed here is out.  Since the 1960s the idea of 'pathworking' has largely changed the Golden Dawn techniques of 'Rising on the Planes'. Gareth Knight once told me that he started out using the GD techniques and then discovered they worked well without many of involved details that the older system had.Recently I have been reviewing the GD techniques as part of my own work and am starting to wonder if the baby has gone out with the bathwater.My own book. Magical Imagination, uses modern techniques. But my view has

The limits of silence

I read a particularly interesting Kindle book over the weekend called the Seal of the Secrets of the World by Soror ZSD23.  The book covers the author’s personal work with the Arbatel and the Seals of the Olympic Spirits.It is turn cheap and can be found on Amazon here.    In the way of a review, the book tells you a bit about the Arbatel and how she used it practically and the effects it had.What makes this book important is that it tells you what you need to know from someone who has been there.  It is the sort of thing that a teacher might pass on to their students, but keep secret from the rest of the world.The reason

Evola and the myth of Being Special

Mussolini’s favourite occultist, Julius Evola, is enjoying rehabilitation at the moment.  I say “enjoy” – he is actually dead and is not capable of enjoying much.Julius EvolaSince the war Evola has been ignored in the wider occult community.  There might be some collective embarrassment about him, as he proved quite conclusively that you could be a clever occultist but at the same time be a dog poo of a human being.  Evola references and books have been preserved by right wing occultists who have had likewise to keep a low profile.  Now, with the rise of the “other” Now with the rise of the “other” Golden Dawn and Ring Wing groups in France (who are calling for the expulsion of

Meeting the Secret Chief

He was exactly what you would expect from a secret chief.  Well, dressed, calm, urbane, and clearly well off.  He managed to look younger than he was. He told me he was a Corsican of aristocratic pedigree.We met in a coffee shop close to St Peter’s so that my wife, Paola, who works in the area,  could act as a translator so that he would be more comfortable talking.He was extremely interesting having been connected with lots of magical orders and alchemical groups that I had never heard of.  In one breath he was in something called the Osiris Order, the next it was Grand Orient and Scottish Rite freemasonry and the Italian strain of Misraim and Myriam.  There were

What went wrong with the Whare Ra vault?

The Whare  Ra vault The Whare Ra Vault is the last surviving, and certainly the most used vault ever created by a Golden Dawn order.  It was built incredibly solidly with secret panels in the Mars Wall which lead to special smaller rooms for the 6=5 and 7=4.  It was so solidly built that when Whare Ra closed its doors it tried to scrape off the colours and found it too difficult.  Instead they ripped up the carpet and the light from the roof, sealed it up and pretended it was not there.  It was later discovered by the new muggle owners who thought they had bought a house designed by the famous Kiwi architect Chapman Taylor and discovered the