For the last few weeks I have been busy on a non-occulty project called (STN)  It is a news for nerds site but it is entirely humour-based and satire.    It covers tech news, but also science and archeology.  If […]

Diagrams in the Golden Dawn

Few of the diagrams of the Golden Dawn are used in the Modern Golden Dawn initiation rituals.  This is because many modern Golden Dawn orders were based on the rituals printed by Israel Regardie just before the Second World War […]

The limits of silence

I read a particularly interesting Kindle book over the weekend called the Seal of the Secrets of the World by Soror ZSD23.  The book covers the author’s personal work with the Arbatel and the Seals of the Olympic Spirits. It […]

Evola and the myth of Being Special

Mussolini’s favourite occultist, Julius Evola, is enjoying rehabilitation at the moment.  I say “enjoy” – he is actually dead and is not capable of enjoying much. Julius Evola Since the war Evola has been ignored in the wider occult community.  […]

Meeting the Secret Chief

He was exactly what you would expect from a secret chief.  Well, dressed, calm, urbane, and clearly well off.  He managed to look younger than he was. He told me he was a Corsican of aristocratic pedigree. We met in […]