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Hitting the spirits instead of psychology

A True and faithful relation of what passed between me and a bottle of spiritsAnyone who has read my books will know that I am a big fan of psychology.  Since the 1930s psychology has stopped a large number of magicians going nuts by making them realise that what they might be experiencing is not the anti-christ but by some repressed complex that they have not dealt with.In my new  book Magical Imagination I look at psychological techniques which are now called “active imagination” but are better known in occult circles as pathworking or visualisation.  I do this so that people can master those aspects of themselves so that they can be more balanced when they come to do

Let the Underworld Sacrifice Begin

One of the reasons why magic does not work is because a person has not understood what they have to sacrifice for the rite to happen.In different systems of magic, there is the concept of sacrifice – of giving something up to achieve a desire or receive something from the gods.  Usually this is symbolic; a person killed an animal, or poured wine into a trench to give something up to achieve a goal.  Even in initiation, the concept of taking an oath can be considered a form of sacrifice where the “victim” is the person who is dying so that they can become something more.  They are narrowing their life and promising not to do something so that

The discovery of the Vault as a symbol of Divine Realisation:

What finding the Vault means and where to seek it.  MOAA's Vault  "We speak unto you by parables, but would willingly bring you to the right, simple, easy and ingenuous exposition, understanding, declaration, and  knowledge of all secrets." Approaching the legend of the discovery of the vault of Christian Rosenkreuz, we are are presented with a symbolic allegory of the finding of our own spiritual self and a system of truth. It is a personal

Splitting the Soul

This one was written nearly ten years ago for a proto-blog. I am moving it from my old website which is about to shut down so it can find a home here.Cabbalah and the Tree of Life can be used to answer many different questions.  But one of the mistakes of those who use it is to assume that it is giving you the answer to everything on a single map.  Instead what it does is provide you an answer to a question.  This answer can be deduced with a basic knowledge of what the ten stations of the tree of life represent along with the paths.If you want

Putting the Hermetic back into Hermetic

First published as a blog December 9, 2005 Corpus Hermetica, which was the bible of Hermetic magicians until the 20th century.The Corpus was a collection of writings with a Greco-Egyptian Gnostic flavour which was assembled in the second century AD. The actual material which made it up was fairly flexible and may reflect the ideas of different neo-platonic communities. Some of them are magical and others suggest the Gnostic idea of salvation. Some of them have turned up in the

Standards and Quality in the Esoteric Field

First posted as a blog in October 23, 2005.  It has historical value, but given that it was written so long ago it is interesting see how little has changed.  It does show that in the last few years the more established aspects of the Golden Dawn Community  have become much more vocal and coordinated so that the idiots described here are less able to get away with talking for he whole community.    At the time it was a period of one or two people declaring war on other groups and then trying to arrange peace groups.  It worked about as effectively as the Munich Agreement only in

Sign Posting

In the 0=0 ritual you are give several signs which on the face of it look pretty damn silly and do little for any plans you might have for magical domination of the known universe. Firstly there is the sign of the enterer which you are instructed represents you stumbling in darkness groping for the light.  The second is the sign of silence which is placing the finger on the lips and stamping the foot.  However you are given some instructions that gives you some clues that this is not all it seems.  You

Abramelin and the Golden Dawn

Ever since Samuel Mathers translated the French edition of the Book of Abramelin into English , the system has attracted a huge amount of interest from those within the Golden Dawn.  There are a number of stories associated with those Golden Dawn adepts who tried the system and came to grief.  With the recent publication of the German version of Abramelin we start to see that Mathers' edition had several important flaws and some would say that this is the reason why the Abramelin system was so dangerous.   Literalism is the curse of modern occultism and in the Abramelin system this is certainly true. 

Myths of the Golden Dawn

There are many ideas that circulate about the Golden Dawn which get parroted by people who are not in it, or have not researched it correctly.   Occasionally I get pissed off with this because it often clouds an understanding of what the GD is all about. The Golden Dawn was free-masonic and founded by the SRIAIf anything the Golden Dawn was a reaction against Freemasonry and SRIA.  The GD founders wanted women members and practical magic, both of these things were unacceptable to masonry and the SRIA. Just because its three founders were at various times in their lives masons or members of SRIA, just does not make it a masonic or SRIA off-shoot. Westcott and Woodman were members of