Splitting the Soul

This one was written nearly ten years ago for a proto-blog. I am moving it from my old website which is about to shut down so it can find a home here. Cabbalah and the Tree of Life can be […]

Putting the Hermetic back into Hermetic

First published as a blog December 9, 2005 Corpus Hermetica, which was the bible of Hermetic magicians until the 20th century. The Corpus was a collection of writings with a Greco-Egyptian Gnostic flavour which was assembled in the second century […]

Sign Posting

In the 0=0 ritual you are give several signs which on the face of it look pretty damn silly and do little for any plans you might have for magical domination of the known universe. Firstly there is the sign […]

Abramelin and the Golden Dawn

Ever since Samuel Mathers translated the French edition of the Book of Abramelin into English , the system has attracted a huge amount of interest from those within the Golden Dawn.  There are a number of stories associated with those […]

Myths of the Golden Dawn

There are many ideas that circulate about the Golden Dawn which get parroted by people who are not in it, or have not researched it correctly.   Occasionally I get pissed off with this because it often clouds an understanding of […]