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The Osiris Scroll

After much arm twisting I am releasing the Osiris Scrolls as a strictly limited book on lulu.  It is a small hardback book and will be limited to 50 copies so it will be a collector's item.  It can be bought here the blurb:The Osiris Scroll is a  modern magical technique based on the bedrock of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.  This work was compiled by the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea Nick Farrell.This is cutting edge modern magic which works and is based on a manuscript which was only available to the adepts of his order. Using vision techniques, this book takes the reader though a through a series of magical

Working with spirits

 Yesterday a wonderful Jupiter talisman was sent to me from the American magician Rufus Opus who makes them for people here .  Rufus, along with JakeStratton Kentare one of the few people I know who actually make magical material according to the rules. My talisman was made at the hour of Jupiter when it was particularly comfy in Cancer.  It was blessed by Rufus in the expectation that it would be initiated by me when it arrives  (that is a reference to the Z2 documents).  You just have to hold it to know that this is a serious talisman which positively oozes Jupiter energy.   However, the owner’s manual that Rufus provided with the talisman got me thinking.The new cover for the

The reversed pentagram; the key to the liberation of matter

The  Golden Dawn Temple Deck  by Harry WendrichThe modern Golden Dawn has a bit of a problem with using the reversed pentagram due to some very mixed messages about its use by its founder Samuel Mathers.Mathers firstly tells students that it is an evil symbol and you should not use it, however later on he tells you that it has a use for controlling evil spirits. It is possible that Mathers changed his mind, but it is equally possible that he expected people to work out what the reversed pentagram actually meant.In Mather’s Last Secret I printed the only version seen of the original GD portal ritual. In it Mathers describes the Devil card which shows the Devil with an

On the nature of Gods, Spirits and Demons

 What follows is cryptic writing but inside it are Ideas which should give the reader concepts which I am playing with now.  These are the realms and natures of spirits.The One Thing is like light, in which darkness and shadow are one. To understand itself it created a mirror and divided itself into seven aspects and these formed the jewels of a crown for creation.   From these jewels were born the seven proto-gods, the Elohim, who contained in themselves the seeds for the reflection of the One Thing. These proto-gods created matter so that it could reflect the Face of the One Thing.They divided the reflection into two; the light and its shadow became separated. Thus, the colours of the Elohim

Triangle of the Art

The Triangle of the Art comes from the Grimoire tradition of magic.  Its function was to concentrate the spirit being invoked into one space so that it could be seen visibly.   It first appeared in the Lesser Key of Solomon the Goetia where its function was to constrain and force evil spirits to manifest. We have very few accounts of Golden Dawn evocation magic and the most famous is the account published by Pat Zalewski in his Talismans and Evocations of the Golden Dawn.  That was a ritual which was written by Alan Bennett (Frater Iehi Aour "Let there be light") and was designed to get the nearly unpronounceable spirit of Mercury TAPHTHARTHARATH to physical manifestation. What was telling about