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New limited edition book out

I have released 100 copies of this new hardback on Lulu (see link) blurb says:"One of the problems that many people on the occult path face is that few people will actually tell them them the rules. They blunder through making mistakes and having bad experiences because no-one has told them otherwise.. They might fail to see some crucial signs about a group that they want to join, or not be told the implications of their magical actions. The Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea, Nick Farrell, has gathered a set of magical statements which can answer all the sorts of questions you should be told by your teachers but were probably afraid to ask.

Invocation to Mercury

Written to fulfil a vow to Mercury for intervening for me. Feel free to attract his attention with it. Invocation to Mercury I call upon the great translator of the word from which all creation was formed. Mind of the One Thing Come forth from you home in Of Mount Kyllene in Arkadia. Be present amongst your sheep, of which you are the great shepherd.  Come forth Champion of Akakesion who rules the marketplace and the crafts. Who teaches the way of business, and upon whom all fortune rests. Guide, Minister, Messenger who brings the highest to the lowest, and the lowest to the throne of the One Thing. Messenger of the Blessed Ones who holds the map of the universe in your caduceus and

Well done everyone

The appeal to the occult community to save the eye sight of the occult writer Aaron Leitch has been successful and met its target within just a few hours.It is a good thing to see the wider occult community rally around in support of one of its number. As  Josephine Littlejohn said this morning:"The occult community are a good bunch, particularly when there is an emergency like this. It does matter how much we all fight and grumble, as long as we are there for each other when needed." Well done everyone.

Save Aaron Leitch’s eye sight

Occult writer Aaron Leitch is losing his sight and will soon be blind unless the Magical Community steps in to help him.On September 18, 2013, Aaron Leitch was diagnosed with cataracts.  According to the doctors, he is legally blind in his right eye and will lose sight in his left eye within months.  Aaron is one of the good guys in the occult world who puts his teaching and his magic out there for those in need so it is time that the community gave him something back.  His eyesight is a pretty good gift. If Aaron has surgery in time, his vision can be permanently restored.  The not so good news:  The procedures he needs cost over $5000 and, due

Pay up Jimmy Page

A new internet campaign.... lets see if we can really change something. In the 1970s  the occultist Mike Magee loaned £200 to a Crowley collector called Jimmy Page who had no cash because he was on heroin and under the control of accountants.  In those days £200 was  fortune.  Page never paid him back and no one ever heard of it.  Now using the power of the Net lets make Jimmy Page, who is 70 this week finally pay his debts.