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I have a new book out:From the blurb In the late 18th century two prominent German esoteric masons wrote a fantasy about an Ancient Egyptian Magical Order called the Crata Ropea.  The tiny book was based on classical sources and was taken literally, particularly in France. It was influential in the development of many masonic and esoteric groups through-out the 18th and 19th centuries and its influence can be indirectly seen on modern groups such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis and even modern Wicca. As the knowledge of Egyptian history developed, Crata has become disregarded by those who had taken it literally and it has been largely ignored.What Nick Farrell sets out in this book is


I am setting up a new magazine which aims to be a bi-annual Journal of Ritual Magic.  EMERALD TABLET aims to bring together people from different traditions to talk about all aspects of Ritual. It will have a few "names" and some new writers.  It will be published in paperback book format and be distributed through Amazon and Lulu. An ebook version will be released a month after the paperback.The Emerald Tablet is a bi-annual magazine printed in paperback book format which is designed for writers to present their ideas, research and discoveries in the field of ritual magic and occultism. It is not limited to one tradition, such as the Golden Dawn, but will focus on ritual magic. It is

Why Watchers of the Dawn is important to the esoteric community

People wonder why I am so keen on the Watchers of the Dawnsite – particularly when I have nothing to do with it.Sure it are run by people who want to be tabloid hacks and are not (it is harder to write than way than you think). They sometimes go off half-cocked, or “sensationalize things” or fall into the realm of satire,  but they are doing something that the occult community has needed for at least a century – they are reporting news about the occult scene.  Their best items have been actually delivered straight and have been extremely hard hitting.There is a saying in newspapers that news is something that someone does not want you to read, and Watchers

Golden Dawn Vault

Pat Zalewski has just done this video on the Golden Dawn Vault... . it is the perfect companion to my book which you can find here is really good that this mysterious part of the Golden Dawn and its traditions are finally being talked about.

Watcher of the Dawn has a new site

It seems that Watcher of the Dawn has gone up market... as much as an upmarket occult tabloid can get. It looks good... but guys you really need to shorten your sentences. Tabloids are more punchy. Check out the link here is a picture from Maxx which could show what it indicates for the wider occult community.