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Earthing that isnt

When you are trained, some things go into your head and you accept them without thinking.  You live them because they provide you with a temporary answer.  Sometimes though the universe moves to challenge your views. The issue of “earthing your magic” has come to the forefront lately and I have discovered that I have changed my view completely.   When I was trained, I was told that it was vitally important to “earth” both yourself and your magic. I was taught to be suspicious of teachers who relied on training for their income and look only to those who participated properly in the material universe. It was claimed that it was impossible to be a full time magician or occultist, because


  For a long time, there has been a mistaken belief that the chief known as the Imperator runs a Golden Dawn temple. In fact each group has three chiefs which are supposed to be equal, but practically are not. When a group is set up, the one with the biggest ego usually takes the role of Imperator because it is so “Imperial” and is clearly supposed to be the group leader. However, what they have forgotten is that the outer order is a school and the person in charge of a school is the principle teacher – or the Praemonstrator. If a school lacks a teacher it is pointless and the Golden Dawn group should close immediately.  A Golden Dawn temple is


I have published one of my online lectures on YouTube.  It explains how, that as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is not about elements, so the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram is probably not about planets and together these two rituals have an important function, in magical work.  

NOME ALONE – the animals of Hekate and the MOON

Research has revealed an interesting link to the lunar animals of Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyrii of the London Paprus 121 (PGN II) and the Mansions of the Moon (Weinstock, 1949), however it has so far failed to nail down a source for the list.  Indeed if it was meant to be a list of animals attributed to Hekate it had shortfalls. However there is a pattern, which suggests that the list might have originated in Egypt and was adapted until its original meaning was lost. The London Paprus provides a list of 20 animals which it says are attributed to Hekate.  Weinstock says that this indicates that there are two lists of lunar animals and finds another eight  from