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Planetary hours have been mostly seen as a restriction in modern magic rather than a tool which can focus and strengthen a ritual. It is said that you should not do a ritual if you are going to end up doing it on the wrong day. The best time to do a Saturn ritual would be the hour of Saturn on Saturday. However this is a simplistic and inflexible approach. What you need to work out is what your ritual is really doing and what planetary powers are involved.   So for example you might what to do a binding spell to prevent someone taking a certain course of action.  Logically Saturday would be a great day for a binding spell.  But would we

Grimm season finale victory for backward sexism

Grimm fell into the predictable trap of US television shows which dictate middle class protestant morality which requires: You must always marry and stay with the mother of your children.  (If you have a second love interest you must always return to your first love interest if children are involved. If a woman becomes empowered there is something wrong with her and she must be forced to conform.# A woman is property and if a male  sleeps with someone else the new woman will become their responsibility Throughout the first season, the Grimm's partner Juliette is the perfect doormat to her partner.  He lies to her about his true nature and results in her near death.  In this season Julette gets powers. She is


An Egyptian Paprii has turned up in the British Museum which proves the historical veracity of the  Hermetic Book the Kybalion. According to the Guardian In 1962 an antiques dealer sold a large fragment of papyrus to the British Museum.  Written in Demotic it was in a state of extraordinary preservation.  The age of the papyrus was dated to the late Middle Kingdom or the every early New Kingdom 1600 BCE. It has only recently been translated and what fascinated the British Museum was ancient Hebrew text קַבָּלָn (Kybalion) which is the first historical reference to the ancient Hermetic text. The rest of the text appears to be an Ancient platonic text explaining how each object in the universe has sexual characteristics or


A discussion on another person’s blog got me thinking about how much modern paganism is associated with Nature and animals. A list of things modern pagans are supposed to do include things like getting out into nature and communing with the various spirits you find there. Pagans are half expected to be vegetarians and respect all life However I feel that while such goals might be laudable, by pigeon holing paganism into one set of standards we are creating a paganism that never was and cutting off the ancient gods from the Urban life where they really dominated. Walking around in Rome you can’t help noticing that one of the key motivators of European pagan was almost entirely urban. Gods were placated


Every elder thinks that the younger generations fails to respect them.  As I am fast reaching the age where I am one of those “elders” I have started to notice the same irritation. I started this game young – I was 17 and I irritated my “elders” too. But in a completely different way from the way I am irritated now.  I was the eternal student.  I listened and asked questions and wrote a lot down.  I remembered what was told, often reminding teachers what they had said in the past, or what others had said.  If I struck what I thought was a contradiction I would ask about it. I did manage to swallow a lot of rubbish from a lot