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Humans are extremely bad at learning from the past, yet at the same time they cling onto concepts which are long out-of-date. This is caused by the way we learn. For evolutionary reasons humans had to learn a lot of things very quickly and our brains are hardwired to accept the first idea we are told from a "perceived authority" without question. This is logical as we do not want to distrust everything and most things we will need to understand the first time. Besides much of what we learn will not be used again for some time. When a solution turns out to be wrong it takes effort to remove it. This why we often continue to believe things which are

Paypal security glitch might kill off my Lulu books

For a while now I have been selling my books on Lulu which pays me through Paypal. Unfortunately since Paypal split from Ebay there has been a security glitch which stops me spending any of the money raised. Paypal are refusing to talk about it or fix it.  Even its press office is fobbing off inquires. You can read about it here Lulu does not use any other payment system, so going to Paypal's rivals will not help. Obviously I can't write for Lulu any more until Paypal sees that there is a problem and fixes it.  If there are any Paypal users out there I would test to see that you have not been blocked as you do not get an error message you


The latest issue of Watchers of the Dawn  brings up an interesting issue of what happens when you tell other people your Grade. This week both Martin Thibeault and David Griffin announced that they held high Golden Dawn grades. Martin said he was a 9=2 and David said that his order offered teaching up to 10=1 (which implies he holds that grade). Normally no one ever talks about their grade outside their order. There are two reasons for this. One is that people, like Watchers, will say that you are claiming to hold a grade which you cannot remotely have the spiritual experience for and they would equally question your motivation for claiming it. Martin points out that the grades are “administration only”

Ritual Offerings : Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick book review

Ritual Offerings  is a book you need. I have just been cataloguing my books for the first time and it made me aware that there were books that I used all the time, those that I read once, and those which should probably be sold to make room for books in the other two categories. Ritual Offerings, which is a collection of articles is not a book which I want to be parted from.  I am not just saying that because I have a chapter in it.  Magic is divided into two camps.  There are those who talk about it and those who do it.  This book is for those who need to start doing as it answers a lot of questions