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Golden Dawn evolves

The Golden Dawn is evolving and there there is no right or wrong as it changes into what ever direction its teachers take it. When we look at the Golden Dawn system there appears to be a big pile of papers. Indeed so called “bible” of the group “the Golden Dawn” is huge book.  However the pile of papers is just the tip of an iceburg of material which has been generated by Golden Dawn people since 1888. All these documents offer the work of people at the time who were working through the system and some took the system into some interesting directions. It is fairly clear that for all the amount of paper that exists on the Golden Dawn

Tiphareth consciousness in daily life

Living from Tiphareth and communicating with your Higher Emotions is a useful skill which can have physical benefits. One of the aspects of the Golden Dawn technique of placing the tree of life into the sphere of sensation is that Tiphareth has a connection to the physical heart. It is not one we need to worry about too much unless we are plagued with high blood pressure or heart issues. These are often caused by a failure to express our higher emotions or have a clear dialogue with our higher self. Blocking this channel comes about more commonly when we are stressed or failing to do what we want due to life circumstances. We can repair this problem by re-opening a conversation