On Astral Initiation


From:Mohammed Abacha Lagos-Nigeria Tel: 234-80-34069502


Dear Sir/Madam


This letter is not intended to to cause any embarrassment but just to contact your esteem self-following the knowledge of your high repute and trustworthiness.

I am Mohammed Abacha, who is the lineage holder of Sir William Westcott of the Order of the Golden Dawn who died on the 8th of June 1924. I got your contacts through my Secret Chiefs. I am pleased to offer you ASTRAL INITIATION into our illustrious order.  Please  do not undermine it because it will also be a source of upliftment to you also.You have absolutely nothing to loose instead, you have so much to gain.

Sir Westcott transferred his lineage along with his secret teaching to the Nigerian General Sani Abacha, who then transferred it through a Lebanese businessman, Nigel Chagoury and a Jewish business man, Mark Rissar to bank accounts overseas. All this was done using he advanced system of magic of astral initiation, which I have these information in my custody now.

Please my dear,I repose great confidence in you and I hope you will not betray my confidence in you. I will make available to you the astral initiation from 0=0 to 10=1 which can be delivered to you at a time of your choosing.  This MAGICAL ACT will send a current of wealth into your bank account, so in addition to your astrological data (date and time of birth) we will require you to send us details of your bank account, so that we can flow the mystical energy into your wealth.

This arrangement is known to you and the adepts of our order only. So I will deal directly with you. I shall provide for you all the initiation certificates and raise a power of attorney to enable you claim and receive your Astral Initiation. I have done a thorough homework and fine-tuned the best way to create you as a Golden Dawn Adept and effect the transfer accordingly.Is rest assured that the modalities I have resolved to finalize the entire project guarantees our safety and the successful initiation.So, you will be absolutely right when you say that this project is risk free and viable.If you are capable and willing to assist, contact me at once via email with following details:


Also astral initiation demands absolute confidentiality.On no condition must you disclose it to anybody irrespective of your relation with the person.Remember,Loose lips sinks ship.I am looking forward to your urgent and positive response via my email address above.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Abacha.

(10=1 Ipsisissimouse of the Order of the Golden Dawn)

The need for Golden Dawn initiations

A debate erupted on Facebook about the necessity of the Golden Dawn initiations. Over the years there have been various suggestions that various grades are un-necessary and you can do Golden Dawn magic (usually the ritual material at the 5=6 grade) without doing the outer order.

One argument goes that the Golden Dawn founders Mathers and Westcott where not initiated into those grades so they don’t need to either.  Another, put forward by Israel Regardie, is that the Golden Dawn elemental grades were pants and were better off being replaced by the Watchtowers ritual for a while before getting on with the 5=6.

Like many things Golden Dawn related, the key advocates of running it down have not seen a Golden Dawn group unrolled in all its glory. Or if they have, it is usually run by someone who does not know what they are doing and is winging it with a copy of Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn book under their arm.

Basically you need the whole system in play to get any benefit out of it.

Let’s start with the basics. As I have said before each Golden Dawn ritual is a form of psychic surgery on a person’s sphere of sensation. Each operation moves towards the goal of adjusting and balancing the person until they are able to handle the load of higher magic both intellectually, psychologically and spiritually. Each grade opens the person until they can have an understanding of that element inside themselves. An initiation impresses on a person systems which are important for later work.  I would add that you could see this all as an alchemical operation starting with the 0=0 and ending in the 5=6, however you can get away with any old rubbish by claiming it is alchemical.

What happens?

The 0=0 ritual awakens the dead matter of the personality to a spiritual life. But within it are encoded sequences used in the Magic of Light sequences of the higher grades. If you have not undergone these, then you cannot comfortably use these processes on other objects.  You can’t transform the elements which make up a talisman unless you have the energies in your own sphere of sensation ready to take them.  You are given one ritual in the 0=0, that of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. If you study this, you can see that it is wired into the 0=0. Thus someone who has been initiated into the 0=0 will perform a Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram differently from one who does not. Yes, I know Wiccans use the Lesser Ritual and so did I when I was in the Servants of the Light, but it “changed” after I did my 0=0 in a way which was unexpected.

Elementary my dear Watson

The elemental grades adapt each of the different parts of the spheres of sensation and get an “effect” as the person attempts to integrate the grade. Basically the 1=10 forces them to look at their material circumstances in terms of help, fitness and finances. The 2=9 requires them to analyse their astral, psychological and instinctual make-up. The 3=8 looks at the rational mind and incorrect thinking and the 4=7 forces them to look at their higher emotions and to bring about change.  These are not grades which are taken in a masonic way. A practical Golden Dawn group is looking for results in these grades and practical changes as the candidate may “fail” an initiation (often leaving the group) or take a long time to process the issues of the grade before they are ready to proceed.

In the portal grade the magical system which has been created in the outer order is “powered up” with spirit for the first time.  This spirit is the image of Tiphareth reflected onto Yesod.  It is there that any cracks and short comings in the candidate’s outer work appear.  What is not dealt with appears as a crisis which MUST be dealt with. This sort of balancing act is emergency maintenance which must be done in a hurry and obviously the more work which is done in the outer order helps.

At the end of the Portal you should be the best personality you can be, balanced and ready to take the higher load of Tiphareth when the path of Samech is opened by the 5=6 ritual.

So what are the consequences of missing these important grades and jumping to 5=6?  Regardie’s theory that doing watchtowers in place of the elemental rituals does not work. In fact almost everyone I have met who tried this approach ended up a basket case. The watchtowers just open the elemental gates and expose the person to their energy.  They do not help the person balance them and indeed any elemental imbalances will be powered up.  If they have a weakness in the water element the others will be over pronounced. If a person is not even aware of what the elements are, thanks to not spending any time working with them one at a time, then they are not going to have a bats chance in hell of understanding what is going on if they are unbalanced.

If they try to do 5=6 work without the elemental grounding of the outer grades they will find that the centres which are supposed to open during these rituals will not. The result will either be a lack of success (where the person invariably will blame the failure on the Golden Dawn system) or an unbalanced success/ failure due to some of their centres and parts of their astral bodies working when others do not.

What about Westcott and Mathers?

So then the what about the so called killer argument that since Wynn Westcott and Samuel Mathers did not undergo the outer order their students need not either?  In my view Westcott and Mathers were given a get out clause which is reserved for all senior adepts who start an order.  They act as channels for those powers which are behind the Order who carry out the initiations until the students who have the magic done to them are ready to initiate and have all the material ready to do it. If Westcott and Mathers had any sense they would have undergone their own initiations along with their students, but instead when the students reached Tham the split happened and the SM and Waite’s Order were formed. In my view the real adepts of the Golden Dawn were always the students who took the system and made it into something. Westcott pretty much dropped out and Mather’s AO was a shadow of the rebels’ GD until Brodie-Innes took over.

What is weird about the elemental grades, and the Golden Dawn system is that it is bloody obvious to anyone who has actually worked the complete system. Yet those who find the flaws in the system or attempt these shortcuts are those who have not.



Summer edition of the Hermetic Tablet is out

hermetic cover(final)The latest edition of the Hermetic Tablet it is out and it is a rather interesting issue.

For those interested in the Golden Dawn Tradition there are loads of previously unpublished works by prominant Golden Dawn leaders and a complete correspondence course from a defunct modern Golden Dawn order which was established in the UK in the 1970s.  There is a review of the new edition of Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn book by Tony Fuller. And an analysis of the Golden Dawn’s Coptic system, which required me to download a new typeface.

There is a strong goetic current with essays from Aaron Leitch and Jake Stratton-Kent and some rather interesting ancient magic from Jayne Gibson, João Pedro Feliciano and myself.

Here is the table of contents


The paperback can be found here Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

While the limited edition hardback can be found here Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

At time of writing this the hardback (which was limited to 100 copies was heading towards being sold out.

Top Five most under-rated Golden Dawn Magicians

Following on from my previous post of the top five over-rated magicians, is my list of the top five under-rated Golden Dawn magicians. It is possible that you have never heard of these people, mostly because they were so under-rated that historians ignored them, or as in some cases, unfairly judged them for the wrong reasons. Unlike the other post, photos of these unsung magical heros are rare, because GD historians either could not find them or did not think they  mattered.

e7545de1ffae4c2a4699cb385081e8211.       Florence Farr: Although her reputation has improved thanks to the Women of the Golden Dawn book, actress Farr is often seen through the patronising light of Waite and tainted by the fact she had an unfortunate series of affairs with famous men (Yeats and Russell). However, as a magician she was one of the finest that the Golden Dawn produced. Its teachings were deeply soaked into her own writing and enabled her to create two significant magical schools. The first was the Sphere Group which was a regular pathworking group which made the Golden Dawn system very practical and the second was a mysterious Egyptian order which attracted some of the highest members of the group (which unfortunately did not survive her death).  She was the Golden Dawn’s Praemonstrator in the absence of Mathers and it is telling that even Crowley could not find a bad word to say about her. She trained many in the Golden Dawn in basic acting skills to improve their ritual performance.  Her move to Theosophy and dedication to Ponnambalam Ramanathan (and move to Ceylon) was less of a move away from magic than many thought. Ramanathan was believed by some Golden Dawn members to be a real secret chief.

felkin2.       Dr R Felkin: Golden Dawn historians Francis King and Eric Howe have done their best to portray Felkin as a deluded nut-job who spoke to spirits and wasted a lot of time looking for Secret Chiefs. However Felkin was simply doing what the others in the Golden Dawn were doing only slightly better and with greater dedication. All of the chiefs were making psychic  communications with inner plane beings and there is nothing that Felkin did which was any different from Westcott, Mathers, Horniman, Farr, Yeats or anyone else.  Felkin did have his faults, he had a drinking problem, but he was devoted to magic and the Golden Dawn system. His version of the Golden Dawn system survived until the 1970s thanks to the fact he was able to make his vision survive his own death – something which is horrendously difficult to do. He developed and improved the system and set up an Order which facilitated further development. As my book Beyond the Sun points out. Felkin was not an unstable wimp, he was a Victorian Hero first as a missionary in Africa and then as a doctor in Havelock North. He was also respected by most of the Golden Dawn members. Much of the Golden Dawn that we see today exists because of Felkin.

3.       Neville Meakin:  As far as unsung magicians go, Meakin was a significant figure who often fails to make any Golden Dawn history books. He was often seen as an adjunct to Felkin and tarred by the same King Howe brush. However, Meakin was a real adept, something that his contemporaries were prepared to acknowledge over and above Felkin. It is telling that Felkin used him as an ambassador to meet the European secret chiefs. Those who he met, such as Steiner, were prepared to roll over and give Meakin the goods.  Like Felkin he was devoted to the Golden Dawn system, travelling to foreign places even while in poor health.  He was a great ritualist and managed to create an entire Chivalric Order which was so well done that several fought over the chance to run it (Felkin won and the order is still running). It was is rumoured (not confirmed) that Meakin wrote the Golden Dawn portal ceremony to replace the terrible and short version churned out by Mathers. Certainly the ritual does show Meakin’s ritual flourishes. Tragically Meakin died young and it would have been interesting to see what would have become of him. Had he lived he would have certainly been in charge of the London version of the SM and that might not have broken up in the way that it did. He was also a more acceptable face of the later GD to those outside the Order.

4.        Edward John Langford-Garston: Howe, Dion Fortune and Israel Regardie have managed to make AO Chief Captain Langford-Garston somewhat of a comedy character of late Golden Dawn history. This was mostly because he publically objected to a couple of books that a young Regardie wrote prior to joining the Golden Dawn which “revealed its secrets.” Fortune also did not like him much because he failed to spot her genius when she was a member of his AO order. Based on this, and his military record, meant he became seen as a Colonel Blimp character rather than the young and talented magician he was. The proof of the depth of his knowledge and ability can be seen in his writing which was first rate and difficult enough to ensure that it is ignored by those who don’t know to look out for them. His books on Theurgy and Alchemy are out-of-print and difficult to find but show the depth of practical knowledge he had. Rather than being a comic character he was a tragic individual who despite his many talents was never given a break by the fates. His businesses failed (through no fault of his own), along with relationships and all this took a toll on him resulting in his suicide. Had humanity been better at looking after its magicians he would have continued to be a valued resource.

5.       Maya Transhall-Hayes: Transhall-Hayes was an AO chief who is responsible for the Dion Fortune approach to the Western Mystery Tradition. She was a co-chief with Berridge after the First World war and co-ruler with John Brodie Inness until his death. But that order was dying as quickly as its older members. Fortune was one of the newer members and taken under the wing of Transhall-Hayes. However, her star was well and truly eclipsed by the arrival on the London scene of Mina Mathers who set up her own group. Transhall-Hayes sent Fortune to spy on it in a series of events which resulted in the creation of the Inner Light. It is not clear when it happened but Transhall-Hayes quit the AO and buried her equipment in a cliff where in the 1960s it was revealed by sea erosion. But she did remain true to the contacts she developed in the Golden Dawn and soon before Fortune’s death she showed up and used her to bring through a new “non-elemental” order based around Moon, Sun and Star grades. This work, which was closely related to what these days is called polarity magic, appeared to be abandoned after Fortune’s death although some of it was integrated within the Inner Light.  It was later published by Gareth Knight. According to Fortune, Transhall-Hayes was a formidable magician and one of the few who could force Fortune into a subordinate role.  Her influence and ideas can be seen everywhere that Dion Fortune’s methods are emphasised (which is to say most of the British Western Mystery Tradition).

Top Five over-rated Golden Dawn magicians

History is a funny thing and there has been a tendency amongst modern magicians to make some unlikely characters heroes (or gods) within the Golden Dawn.  While there some real examples of great Golden Dawn magicians  –Wynn Westcott, Samual Mathers, Florence Farr, Dr Robert Felkin, Mrs Felkin, John Brodie-Innes and W.B. Yeats. But a cast of Riff-Raff has been headed to magical-god status without actually earning the title.  Some might have earned it later in their life but their Golden Dawn years were a magical embarrisment.  Here are my top five of the most over-rated Golden Dawn magicians

Aleister-Crowley_1691696c1.    Aleister Crowley:  Crowley might have been a good magician later in his life, but the young arrogant toe-rag who showed up on the doors of the Golden Dawn early in his life was not that creature. Crowley carried on through the outer order under the protection of the much admired Allan Bennett (see number five).  Feeling that much of this occult teaching was beneath him (a position he later recanted) he reached 4=7 and found that the powers that be did not want him in the second order at least at the moment. There was scandal brewing after a club which Crowley was connected was raided and the GD did not want to draw any attention to itself. Ego miffed at the rejection, he took advantage of the bad feeling against Samuel Mathers to grade hunt. He was given a nominal 5-6 by Mathers and was told to take over the vault and conduct an inquisition. Only an ego like Crowley could have believed that he was ever going be that important.  After the dust settled Crowley left the AO having not done hardly any 5=6 work at all.  He relied on papers he obtained from Bennett for the rest of his life, often presenting his knowledge of them as his own genius.  However as far as the GD was concerned he only obtained a 4=7 and no training.

Regardie2.        Israel Regardie: The Harry Potter look-alike founder of the modern Golden Dawn only attended a handful of Golden Dawn rituals in his life and most of them were his own initiations.  After he published the Golden Dawn he focused on his Therapy business and really did nothing until the 1960s when the Golden Dawn books were rediscovered. Even then he initiated only a handful of people. He only ever claimed the ZAM grade and is responsible for the demagicificant of the Golden Dawn system by explaining it all psychologically.His ignorance of the Golden Dawn system was shown by his mistaken belief that the elemental grades where pointless and could be replaced by his watch-tower and middle pillar rituals. He did know his stuff but it was all in his head. He was much better on alchemy and other things than he ever was in the Golden Dawn. That has not stopped him being a Golden Dawn saint, even though he wrote his iconic Golden Dawn book for all the wrong reasons (justifying it later). Much of the rubbish crept into the modern Golden Dawn can be sourced to Israel Regardie being treated as an authority on a system which was peripheral to his life.

Maud3.       Maud Gonne: Although an important historical character, Gonne’s involvement in the Golden Dawn was minor. Famous for being Yeats’s unrequited love her interest in magic was mostly focused on an unhealthy attempt bring her dead child back to life (in one case shagging on the dead baby’s coffin with her ex-husband).  Yeats was so obsessed with her he mistook her interest in magic and reincarnation for a general interest in things he did, rather than a rather obsessive and depressing attempt to stand up her dead kid (this obsession was so bad that she ignored her living child while keeping her dead child’s booties around her like a talisman.  Yeats knew of all this and wrote one of his worst poems about the dead kid he no doubt cared very little about in a desperate attempt to attract Gonne’s interest. Gonne was only briefly involved in the Golden Dawn so it is not clear why anyone associates her with the Golden Dawn at all, she was not really one of the great Women of the Golden Dawn, nor one of the great movers and shakers (a role taken by Florence Farr and Annie Hornieman) .  Her fame within the GD was because of her association with Yeats which is one of the weakest positions for a feminist icon to be in. Farr was also associated with Yeats but she was one of the finest magicians the Golden Dawn created.

220px-Moina_Mathers4.    Mina Mathers: Although it is not really her fault, the modern world has tended to make Mina Mathers a feminist icon based on a photo which made her look rather modern. People have assumed therefore that she was the power behind Samuel Mathers when there is very little to support the theory. Samuel appeared to do what ever he liked and carry his somewhat weak-willed wife with him. She was completely subservient to her husband in every way but one. She was alarmingly repressed sexually and would not consummate the marriage – regarding sex as dirty.

She was a talented artist, but there is nothing to suggest that she was a great ritual magician or teacher. In later life she was regarded by Dion Fortune as particularly bad.  One area where we have some indication of her magical ability was her pathworkings which are not bad, but have a tendency towards cliché.  Either way we are not talking about a significant magician here. That has not stopped her myth developing to the point she is supposed to have designed the colours in the vault (that was Mathers with some input from Westcott) and channelled all the second order materail (that was Mathers). Other than the fact she was there, we have very little indication of Mina’s involvement in the GD other than as a constant support to her husband.

When that support was removed, when her husband died, she became increasingly unstable and autocratic. Some of her neurosis which had remained hidden to the rest of the world became more obvious. It was rumoured that her death at a young age was from an eating disorder. But even if this was untrue she was an example of somone who did not tackle their issues until it was too late.

bennett5.    Allan Bennett: Wereit were not for his friendship with Crowley, history would know Allan Bennett for his work as a Buddhist Missionary and a key element in bringing that religion to the United Kingdom. Earlier in his life he was significantly interested in magic and was an enthusiastic member of the Golden Dawn and respected by many (including Felkin). But his main salesman was Crowley who might have overegged Bennett’s reputation as a significant magician.

There are two Golden Dawn ritual’s we have of Bennett’s – getting a Spirit of Mercury to physical manifestation and another talisman ritual against obsession. Having performed them (several times) it is a wonder he had the reputation he did. The rituals are clunky and seem to ignore the Golden Dawn teachings. Farr corrected one of the (which miffed Crowley) because it was so badly wired that would have driven the magician (herself) insane.  This is not decrying Bennett, he really was a Buddhist saint but he was not a magician and his heart really was not in the Golden Dawn.