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On Astral Initiation

  From:Mohammed Abacha Lagos-Nigeria Tel: 234-80-34069502   Dear Sir/Madam   This letter is not intended to to cause any embarrassment but just to contact your esteem self-following the knowledge of your high repute and trustworthiness. I am Mohammed Abacha, who is the lineage holder of Sir William Westcott of the Order of the Golden Dawn who died on the 8th of June 1924. I got your contacts through my Secret Chiefs. I am pleased to offer you ASTRAL INITIATION into our illustrious order.  Please  do not undermine it because it will also be a source of upliftment to you also.You have absolutely nothing to loose instead, you have so much to gain. Sir Westcott transferred his lineage along with his secret teaching to the Nigerian General Sani

The need for Golden Dawn initiations

A debate erupted on Facebook about the necessity of the Golden Dawn initiations. Over the years there have been various suggestions that various grades are un-necessary and you can do Golden Dawn magic (usually the ritual material at the 5=6 grade) without doing the outer order. One argument goes that the Golden Dawn founders Mathers and Westcott where not initiated into those grades so they don’t need to either.  Another, put forward by Israel Regardie, is that the Golden Dawn elemental grades were pants and were better off being replaced by the Watchtowers ritual for a while before getting on with the 5=6. Like many things Golden Dawn related, the key advocates of running it down have not seen a Golden Dawn

Summer edition of the Hermetic Tablet is out

The latest edition of the Hermetic Tablet it is out and it is a rather interesting issue. For those interested in the Golden Dawn Tradition there are loads of previously unpublished works by prominant Golden Dawn leaders and a complete correspondence course from a defunct modern Golden Dawn order which was established in the UK in the 1970s.  There is a review of the new edition of Israel Regardie's Golden Dawn book by Tony Fuller. And an analysis of the Golden Dawn's Coptic system, which required me to download a new typeface. There is a strong goetic current with essays from Aaron Leitch and Jake Stratton-Kent and some rather interesting ancient magic from Jayne Gibson, João Pedro Feliciano and myself. Here is the

Top Five most under-rated Golden Dawn Magicians

Following on from my previous post of the top five over-rated magicians, is my list of the top five under-rated Golden Dawn magicians. It is possible that you have never heard of these people, mostly because they were so under-rated that historians ignored them, or as in some cases, unfairly judged them for the wrong reasons. Unlike the other post, photos of these unsung magical heros are rare, because GD historians either could not find them or did not think they  mattered. 1.       Florence Farr: Although her reputation has improved thanks to the Women of the Golden Dawn book, actress Farr is often seen through the patronising light of Waite and tainted by the fact she had an unfortunate series of

Top Five over-rated Golden Dawn magicians

History is a funny thing and there has been a tendency amongst modern magicians to make some unlikely characters heroes (or gods) within the Golden Dawn.  While there some real examples of great Golden Dawn magicians  --Wynn Westcott, Samual Mathers, Florence Farr, Dr Robert Felkin, Mrs Felkin, John Brodie-Innes and W.B. Yeats. But a cast of Riff-Raff has been headed to magical-god status without actually earning the title.  Some might have earned it later in their life but their Golden Dawn years were a magical embarrisment.  Here are my top five of the most over-rated Golden Dawn magicians 1.    Aleister Crowley:  Crowley might have been a good magician later in his life, but the young arrogant toe-rag who showed up on