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Drawing down the spirits – review

Drawing down the spirits, by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera is an interesting book which shows much more than the practical techniques of “spirit possession.” It reveals a lot about modern paganism and its problems with mythic reality. The book came recommended to me because I was interested in beefing up my system of working with what in the Western Mystery Tradition we call “contacts.”   The writers come from the Haitian Tradition and the Northern Tradition which is much more hands on than many of the Western Mystery Tradition feels comfortable with. The book is packed full of real, practical advice and techniques and explains the processes and above all the levels of spirit possession from the most basic god form work

God and good and evil

During the Italian earthquake a church bell dislodged itself and fell into a house and killed two children and while Pope Francis offered his prayers to the 275 victims of the earthquake he did not mention God being involved. It struck me as if the Church was ignoring an event which was of symbolic importance.  I posted onto Facebook: "The Pope says he is praying for all the earthquake victims... that is nice. How does he explain what his God was up to when a bell from one his churches dislodged during the quake and killed [an entire family]*? God clearly didn't like them right? Apparently no one else is saying this. However it is an obvious question... if something bad

Table of Shewbread issues

The Table of Shewbread is an important diagram within the Golden Dawn’s 1=10, and yet when anyone is required to draw it, they discover that it creates more questions than anyone can supply answers. In the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea we used a colour version of the 1=10 as shown in Pat Zalewski’s Inner Order of the Golden Dawn (pictured).  The colouring of the diagram came from a Whare Ra member and was based on an AO paper. However our order also requires people to draw the diagram in a workbook and from that a member came back to me with the following question:– Why does it differ from the Stella Matutina version printed in Israel Regardie (pictured)? The

How Christian is the Golden Dawn?

There are a few interesting posts around at the moment about the importance of  the Christian religion within the Golden Dawn and much collective agreement that this particular religion was vital, particularly of the Second Order. The evidence appears fairly conclusive with the 5=6 being a Rosicrucian ritual and this equals being a Christian. There is also the important matter that historically Christian life was vital to many within the Golden Dawn structure. However, the devil (in this case literally) is in the detail and the conclusive evidence fails before one of the central planks of the Golden Dawn philosophy – that of syncretism.  The idea of the Golden Dawn was to take different ideas and aspects of magic which on

BOOM! Wikileaks Confirms Hillary started World War Two by invading Poland

Although Hillary Clinton has repeatedly denied that she was involved in World War Two, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims he has proof to the contrary. In an interview with Democracy Now, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Nazi Germany and making the moves which ultimately drove the US into a long war. Assange has denied that the source his leaks were Russian oligarchs keen to put Donald Trump into the White House so that they can collect on all the money he owes them. “Look, people say that just because some of the DMC emails are written in Russian it suggests that they have been made up by president Putin’s propaganda