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Anti-clockwise circumambulation down under

I had a question on Facebook from a bloke running a GD group in Auckland who is under pressure from his Wiccan members to change the circumambulation to anti-clockwise instead of clockwise to match the magnetic flows in the southern hemisphere. There is a believe that the earth is a magnet and that the polarity in the Northern Hemisphere is the opposite than the southern hemisphere. This is why water goes down the sink in a reversed direction in the southern hemisphere. Apparently all this is confirmed by various earth spirits which operate down-under. Therefore, some wiccan groups have taken to circumambulating anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. Like many myths there is a sort of truth behind the idea, but it

Book Review Communing with the Spirits

One of the big advantages of print-on-demand is that it opens up the field to practical magicians who are writing on subjects which are too daring for the commercial publishers, like working with spirits. Martin Coleman’s Communing with the Spirits: The Magical Practice of Necromancy is a book written by a bloke who has a system and it works for him.  It comes with all the useful advice you need to work his system and gives some interesting insights into the whole business of working with the dead. I want to make this clear that this is not a field of interest for me. When I work with the dead and ancestor’s it is an adjunct to my other work.  But it


YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE GOLDEN DAWN Self Initiation Into The Golden Dawn Tradition, by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero The Essential Golden Dawn, by Chic and Tabatha Cicero Mystical Cabbalah, by Dion Fortune A Garden of Pomegranates, by Israel Regardie The Temple of High Magic, by Ina Custers- van Bergen A Magician his training and work, by E Butler Shining Paths, by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki Tarot. by Paul Case   ARMCHAIR MAGICIAN /WITCH   Hermetica, by Brian Copenhaver Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple - Creating Magical Tools, by Sandra and Chic Cicero Ritual Use of Magical Tools, by Sandra and Chic Cicero Art of True Healing, by Israel Regardie The Golden Dawn, by Israel Regardie Magical Imagination,  by Nick Farrell Making Talismans, by Nick Farrell Complete Cabbalistic Symbolism, by Gareth Knight The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need,

Charlene’s “I’ve been to the 5=6 but I’ve never been to me”

When I was 14 there was a terrible song called "I have been to Paradise but I've Never been to Me" about a woman who had an interesting life but after living it to the full claims she would have rather have been a housewife  stayed at home and had a couple of kids.  It was a song designed for parody and I wrote one which was my party song for a while.  I can unfortunately remember the lyrics and they were rather rude and not particularly good Perigrine Wildoak reminded me of the song the other day and I had another go at the lyrics only this time with a Golden Dawn theme. Consider it channelled by a secret chief