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Masonic baggage in the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn has more masonic hang-overs than the morning after Christmas dinner with a free bar at United Grand Lodge. Some of these are useful, because they have generic magical over tones, and some are only there because they are part of a tradition that no one wants to spoil. The concept being that since the GD was formed by masons we should not touch these things. However, it is important to point out that, contrary to myth, none of the Golden Dawn founders were particularly enthusiastic masons but both Westcott and Mathers started out their lives in masonic groups and so were trained in a masonic way of doing things. The Cipher manuscripts were written by a masonic expert and

Trump enforcers on the march

One thing I have noticed with alarm lately is that on several different groups I monitor, including one tech magazine that there appears to be an unofficial police force forming on the Net which seeks to stop any mention of the Right, or Donald Trump. They will often populate groups saying that negative stories are “fake news” without much in the way of proof. While it is true that both pro-and anti-Trump types are spouting Fake news, none of them seem particularly upset when it is fake news about Clinton or Obama. These people are taking it upon themselves to demand that journalists who mention the Trump administration in an unfavourable light to be fired, pushed from groups, or otherwise supressed. In

Notes on the prayer of the Hierophant and Mystic Repast

Peregrine Wildoak has done a very interesting post on the Golden Dawn mystical repast and the prayer of the Hierophant here. There are a few things I want to add to it and it got out of control for a comment. The prayer of the Hierophant In a key part of the ritual the Hierophant suddenly stops what he is doing and stands in the form of a cross and says: "Lord of the Universe, the Vast and the Mighty One, Ruler of the Light and of the Darkness, we adore Thee and we invoke Thee. Look with favor upon this Neophyte, who now kneeleth before Thee and grant Thine aid unto the higher aspirations of his soul, so that he may prove a

The Level of Magic

Levels of magic are sometimes called levels of consciousness. They are important because they tell you a few key magic concepts and which magical current goes where. Traditionally when you look a theosophical or Neoplatonic philosophy they became rather unnecessarily complicated so what follows below is a simplification. God's mind is split in three divisions there is the conscious, unconscious and matter. The matter level is what we see with our senses while the divine unconscious is depicted in concepts like the underworld. The conscious mind is the animating force which unites creation. It brings new ideas into being. This conscious mind is divided into four.   The sub-lunar level The Sub-lunar level encompasses matter and the astral and the lowest level of the underworld. It

The Hegemon’s wand and religion

A magician without a religion is like a Roman Catholic priest who spends his spare time fiddling with kids – they may say they are following Jesus, their job might be helping Christians, but at the end of the day they are just an evil paedophile who wears a dress to cover their crimes. Religion is an unpopular subject among magicians. They see religion as the cause of a lot of the world’s problems, forgetting that most of those problems are caused by humans rather than the religion they follow. If humans had no gods they would be fighting wars over who owned the correct smartphone (if you follow tech sites you will discover that Nvidia and AMD fans have been