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A magical order is about gaining independence

How long should you be in an esoteric order before you are capable of actually doing something useful? In a recent debate about the merits of one group I was surprised how many people were proud of the numbers of years they had studied within an organisation. However, at the same time they did not show any signs that they could act independently of it. A group is not supposed to be the beginning and end of a magician’s work. It is supposed to be training them to work independently, carry out their research and magical work. Sure, a substantial chunk of the early work is personality development, and this balancing work can be long and arduous but at the end the

Spirits which effect a person’s daily life

A person is surrounded by spirits and in western society modern times we ignore them. However, once you start on a magical path finding them and working with them becomes more important. Whether they are believed in they have a direct impact on people’s lives so working with them can either create or relieve a pile of hurt. To identify them they have to return to a general description handed down from ancient times. For this I am using the Roman classification, which was the most structured. Ancestors: These are beings who have died and passed on to the underworld. In cabbalah they are the shells of the dead because they are the person stripped of the soul which has moved on elsewhere. They