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Golden Dawn and Rosicrucianism

Sam Robertson has posted a rather lengthy article which effectively rubbishes the Golden Dawn’s Rosicrucian credentials. Sam had I often row about this privately, and he wants my reviews on the posting – so here it is. Sam’s central problem is defined, and he never gets away from it.  He tries to set unfair standards which are unique to his own system and orders. Firstly, he fails to correctly define Golden Dawn in terms of its history.  What outsiders call the Golden Dawn was always the outer order of system and only briefly called itself Rosicrucian.  The second order of the Golden Dawn is clearly Rosicrucian and brings in the manifestos, the vault, the myth etc. Sam’s fails to define what the “Golden

Murdering Moons

A large chunk of murders are committed for “emotional” reasons so your moon in your chart could give you a clue for the type of crime you might commit Moon in Leo A Moon in Leo needs to be told they are wonderful at least three times a day or they get sick.  They will murder anyone who have shown disrespect and expect praise from the police for how they did it. Moon in Cancer Moon in Cancer tend to be “quiet type” who suddenly snaps over a boundary dispute and chainsaws their neighbour into little pieces in their specially soundproofed basement. Moon in Aquarius Aquarian moon attempts to reform society, but because they don't like people that much, they prefer to do it through sniper's

When bad is good in geomancy relationship readings.

Geomancy has two terrible signs Rubus and Carcer, which on the face of it, would be terrible for a relationship. Both are malefic in astrology Rubus is seen as mars and conflict, and carcer is associated with Saturn, confinement, and death. But while both are astrologically malefic, they had their good sides and if they were well placed, and in the right questions could produce good things and some of the reasons why these planets have such a bad press is because of cultural norms. Let us look at Rubeus, which is Mars in Scorpio.  This is a substantial sexual and passionate force. It can also be a drive towards spirituality.   While it can be a violent relationship with arguments, it tends

Problem of Small Gods and Divine Evolution.

Humanity's first experience was with the primal gods. Primitive humanity moved about the planet trying to survive, and it developed a relationship based on fear of the natural forces around it. Built from the seven Hidden Gods, they had the power to create masks for these primal forces. These masks allowed them to understand natural effects, build up myths around them, and relate to them. Like many relationships based on fear, these were not too successful. Humans created monsters that haunted their nights and needed supplication and sacrifice. Gradually humanity evolved past these fears enough to develop those higher emotions and could slowly replace the primal gods with those more intricately linked to the hidden seven. Humanity could not understand the

“Personal Gnosis” are not swear words

There is a tendency to spit the words “Personal Gnosis” for any teaching which does not have an official source. There is something in this. There is a lot of rubbish esoteric information which can be attributed to someone not understanding established teaching and intellectually covering imaginary holes. Anyone who uses an elemental lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is a victim of poorly thought out personal gnosis. One of the things right about the development of the internet and improvements in de-commercialisation publishing is sources which were impossible to find, or academic studies provide valuable material for modern occultists. It has enabled us to go back to historical resources and find out what ancients were doing rather than 19th or 20th-century

I am Graham Hancock’s Author of the Month

I am Graham Hancock’s Author of the Month this month and have written him an article about Whare Ra to promote my latest book Beyond the Sun.  The article is the story of how a Golden Dawn order took over a small New Zealand town.  I will be also around to answer any questions on Graham’s forums. Click on the link to go to Graham's site.

The uncertainty principle in magic and religion

Like all ordered systems, magical and spiritual schemes contain elements of uncertainty and chaos. No system or statement can be entirely true and must, at best, be an approximation. Uncertainty is the basis of Truth. Most religious, magical and scientific systems follow a creation myth which has order emerging from a Chaotic state. Therefore, Order has a random chaotic base which creates uncertainty. A person who says they have a complete truth is lying. All religions and magical systems are at best approximations based on time, knowledge and perception. None of them can be entirely right or utterly wrong, but they must contain a greater or lesser amount of uncertainty and doubt. Ignoring uncertainty in the hope of hanging onto an uncertain

An ancient view of the Holy Guardian Angel                                                                                                              

Modern magicians who follow the Abramelin system (or have read about it) mistakenly tend to equate the Holy Guardian Angel with their Higher Self or what the ancients called their Higher Genius. In doing so they make this Angel into something much more important than it is. That is not saying that it is not an important spirit, but it is not your real higher spiritual self. Another mistake associated with the Guardian Angel is that it is a Christian (or at least Jewish) concept. Ancient pagans used angels to fill a gap between Daemons or gods and matter. They acknowledged that daemons and gods were different operating on different levels; it was just that a spirit of the rarefied aether

Joyce Chesterman has died aged 102.

One of the founders of BOTA in New Zealand, Joyce Chesterman died on Friday, she was 102. Joyce and her husband Will built BOTA in NZ in 1963. While Will was always in front, it was Joyce who kept everything running smoothly. When I was a member of BOTA in the 1980s, Joyce was ever present. I cannot think of a time she was not there. Will Chesterman, who with the best motivations, froze the Order, so it focused on the worship of founder Paul Case and his successor Anne Davies.  In Will’s view, the teaching of BOTA stopped with Davies death and all that needed to be done was preservation.   In some ways he might have been right, BOTA did survive,