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The uncertainty principle in magic and religion

Like all ordered systems, magical and spiritual schemes contain elements of uncertainty and chaos. No system or statement can be entirely true and must, at best, be an approximation. Uncertainty is the basis of Truth. Most religious, magical and scientific systems follow a creation myth which has order emerging from a Chaotic state. Therefore, Order has a random chaotic base which creates uncertainty. A person who says they have a complete truth is lying. All religions and magical systems are at best approximations based on time, knowledge and perception. None of them can be entirely right or utterly wrong, but they must contain a greater or lesser amount of uncertainty and doubt. Ignoring uncertainty in the hope of hanging onto an uncertain

An ancient view of the Holy Guardian Angel                                                                                                              

Modern magicians who follow the Abramelin system (or have read about it) mistakenly tend to equate the Holy Guardian Angel with their Higher Self or what the ancients called their Higher Genius. In doing so they make this Angel into something much more important than it is. That is not saying that it is not an important spirit, but it is not your real higher spiritual self. Another mistake associated with the Guardian Angel is that it is a Christian (or at least Jewish) concept. Ancient pagans used angels to fill a gap between Daemons or gods and matter. They acknowledged that daemons and gods were different operating on different levels; it was just that a spirit of the rarefied aether

Joyce Chesterman has died aged 102.

One of the founders of BOTA in New Zealand, Joyce Chesterman died on Friday, she was 102. Joyce and her husband Will built BOTA in NZ in 1963. While Will was always in front, it was Joyce who kept everything running smoothly. When I was a member of BOTA in the 1980s, Joyce was ever present. I cannot think of a time she was not there. Will Chesterman, who with the best motivations, froze the Order, so it focused on the worship of founder Paul Case and his successor Anne Davies.  In Will’s view, the teaching of BOTA stopped with Davies death and all that needed to be done was preservation.   In some ways he might have been right, BOTA did survive,

Why your Hekate is not anyone else’s

It is vital for modern religions to understand that they are not worshipping the same Gods that their ancestors followed unless they want to replace the mistakes of the past. There is a bit of debate in the blogosphere at the moment about a Hekate post here which appears to be saying another person’s pagan religion was not the same thing as theirs.  It then goes on a long list of what the person finds as historical objections to that view.  Unfortunately, the original post is full of factual inaccuracies itself which weakens the person’s case, but her arguments can be seen mirrored in many Facebook postings. “My perception of Hekate is right; yours is wrong.” The problem with this thinking is that