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Why your Hekate is not anyone else’s

It is vital for modern religions to understand that they are not worshipping the same Gods that their ancestors followed unless they want to replace the mistakes of the past. There is a bit of debate in the blogosphere at the moment about a Hekate post here which appears to be saying another person’s pagan religion was not the same thing as theirs.  It then goes on a long list of what the person finds as historical objections to that view.  Unfortunately, the original post is full of factual inaccuracies itself which weakens the person’s case, but her arguments can be seen mirrored in many Facebook postings. “My perception of Hekate is right; yours is wrong.” The problem with this thinking is that

Occult fraudsters try to claim Whare Ra lineage

An person recently approached a MOAA member claiming to belong to a Paris-based order which had lineage from the Stella Matutina (sic) and Whare Ra.  He said that this group had been formed by a “notable American occultist” (who he named) who had received lineage from a long-time friend of mine (who he also named). The Italian was interested in the idea of fusing transmissions of Whare Ra with that of Martinism and Builders of the Adytum.  He also claimed that one of the leaders of this group (who he named) had been initiated into the tradition by my friend and held the lineage and transmission from Whare Ra. This was surprising as my friend is a serious Golden Dawn magician and

Invoking Jesus as a pagan god

  While many neo-pagans have a problem with Jesus and Christian symbolism they need to start applying the same rules that they do with the other religions they use. Ancient magicians tended to see all faiths as something they could use. It didn’t matter what the followers of that religious thought, rather than what that God represented the magician. We can see in ancient Alexandria the Jewish religion being borrowed by the magicians who wrote the Greek magical papyri. The divine name was a holy name; it didn’t matter if you believed in the religion that spawned it. While many modern Christians or Jews would find this offensive, it requires respect and an acknowledgement by the pagan magician that God not only existed

Don’t make the same mistakes

Esoteric groups ultimately fail. Historically the great groups like BOTA and the Golden Dawn died because they did not evolve to consider the new needs of society. The Golden Dawn survived in New Zealand because the country was isolated rural and disconnected from the rest of the world.  When New Zealand broke out of that mindset, Whare Ra closed. BOTA failed when it tried to become a religion and decided that there would be no more teachers, writings and instead it should be based entirely on the work of Paul Case and Anne Davies (as if voices from the 30s and 60s could speak to the 21st century with clarity). Those who seek to re-enact such groups will repeat the same mistakes

Emptying the cup of the lower self

The lower self or the indwelling personally is a part of the higher genius which has become lost in the plot of living. It surrounds itself with thinking which is useful for its existence but is useless for getting itself out of messes. 1384

Standing up to Blavatsky’s racism

One of the Prime movers and shakers of 19/20th-century occultism was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and her Theosophical movement. It is hard to find an occult current which was not influenced by her or her followers. These names include Golden Dawn leaders, Dion Fortune, Rudolf Steiner, Alice A. Bailey, the New Age movement and even Aleister Crowley. What Blavatsky did was create a structure of thought with lots of details which created a "complete" picture of the universe. It managed to merge everything in a syncretic approach which was attractive to those who wanted a very structured universe. There is much to this universe which has been layered into the Western Occult movement, for better or worse. But one of the things that

Have you really been initiated into the Golden Dawn?

It seems a silly question, but there are lots of GD organisations out there which are carrying out initiations which cannot have had more than a psychological effect on candidates. 1. Were you present for the initiation? For a long time there was a scam where a group made you a distance member by conducting “an astral initiation.” It meant that a team of officers initiated your name on a list. There is absolutely no tradition of this in the GD and those who have been “astrally initiated” show no signs that such a ritual has taken place. 2. Did the initiation take place roped together with a group of other candidates? While the AO did this, it is not possible to

Geomancy magical questions

There has been a long running problem in using Geomancy to work out the results of rituals and magic.  I have been playing around with Hellenic astrology for a while now and I think I have found the answer. The Hellenic system has two houses for magic the House of the Goddess (third) and the House of the God (ninth). The house of the Goddess is more about the structures of religion, priesthoods, temples etc while the God is more ideas, spirit etc. It occurred to me that the house of the Goddess is the form and the God is that of spiritual force. So a geomancy question about how will this initiation work? will be answered in the ninth house but

20 ways in which I am better than Jesus

Some people think that your Higher Genius wants you to be more like Jesus and there is considerable pressure to be as spiritual as Christ.  Now there are loads of ways that Jesus is better than me, but in several areas,  I can claim superiority.  You can make up your list. I can eat bacon. I always feel sorry for anyone who has not experienced bacon because their religion forbids it. Jesus was Jewish, so bacon was right out. I am alive (for now). Jesus for all his qualities is famous for dying whereas, if I have any fame, it is because I am alive. I exist. No one can doubt that Nick Farrell was a conspiracy of the Roman

It is not your fault

There is a harrowing feature of New Age thinking which is a spin-off of the idea that you design your universe in your head. The concept touted in the Kybalion is that if the universe is mind and you are mind, then you create your universe with your thoughts.  You can be anything you want to be if you visualise and think positively. But the converse of this is also true – if there is something wrong in your universe New Age thought is that it is because you put it there. A psychologist friend of mine once said that while he rather liked New Age people, he did notice that there was a strong element of self-blame amongst them. When trauma