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Angel Magic of the Bonorum

What follows is a paper I wrote in 2002 and ended up in Hermetic Virtues quite a while ago.  I  updated it in 2009 to include references to what we were doing in MOAA (we included part of this in our course work when we opened our 1=10 that year).  Sorry for submitting something so ancient but I am a bit busy writing about the Shem Angels for a new book at the moment) When Samuel Mathers included Enochian within the Golden Dawn system, he used a manuscript called Sloane 307 which he found in the British Museum.  The document post date's Dee by some years and is a practical way into the later Dee work.   There was a belief

Unpublished AO and Golden Dawn Alchemical diagrams

I was reviewing some of the unpublished AO documents I have  to see if there were any noticeable differences from either the later Stella Matutina versions.  These two diagrams come from the early AO and the Nisi collection, which formed the basis of my Mathers' Last Secret and King Over the Water  book.  Since it was different from the Stella Matutina versions printed by Pat Zalewski in his Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentary Book, I thought that readers of my blog might appreciate it.  The diagrams are simpler than the Whare Ra versions which now appear to be a later development.These two diagrams were shown to the candidate during the 2=9 ritual and they provide a somewhat strange attribution of the metals to the Tree