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Time for a democratic heaven

I was reading a paper by Alessandro Roccati, of the University of Turin in which he suggested that demons were a reflection of the lower classes in society. He noted that while demons tend to get talked about using street language, gods tended to get addressed in the formal language of the higher classes (in this case he was talking about Egyptian). Throughout human history, the structure of the divine hierarchy has reflected the political systems of human society. This evolution exists in magical texts with the move to feudalism having a direct impact on the structure of the status of demons and angels. An Angel or demon might be a Duke of heaven or hell. So, I started thinking – why


A number of years ago I did not believe in magical attacks. Most of the magicians I knew had been positive that attacking someone was a bad thing – unless there were real reasons. A “real reason” presented itself in the 1990s when I was involved in a ritual to curse Saddam Hussain. The ritual was designed to twat his expansion plans by effectively cursing all his actions. The ritual, which was under some senior people of the Order I was in at the time, got a little out of control and the doll which represented Hussain was damaged – its neck was pulled out of shape. We thought our curse worked when the First Gulf war ended with Hussain totally


The Internet has bought many problems to occult teaching.  Often teaching is dumbed down into a mem or a slogan which may or may not be right but just sounds cool.  Soon people start to believe it and it becomes difficult to shake from people’s mind. For a few months I have had fun looking at mems people have been posting and typing in the headline and the then the world hoax or debunked into Google.   You will be amazed at how many “facts” online are made up by people who are trying to sell you something – either politics or a belief.  What is even stranger is how angry people get when you tell them that they have been taken

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn workshops

 American readers of this blog might want to know that one of the senior adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Carrie Mikell & Aaron Leitch are running their ceremonial magic workshops in ceremonial magic starting from March 3.Aaron LeitchYou can find out more here. Aaron knows his stuff and is an expert on ceremonial magic and Enochian, having published some important books on the subject and if you want to learn more about practical Golden Dawn magic, then this is a good one to learn all about it.There are lots of different teachers within the Golden Dawn community who are offering courses either online or offline.  They are well worth looking at if you cannot join a