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For a while I have considered that the reason Crowley and Waite did not get on was because they shared a common approach to writing -- obscure in purple prose the obvious.  Fortunately I have found two recipes for sponge cake written by the two occultists for people to compare.  In some ways I take it back.  Waite was considerably more Purple than Crowley.  But there are similarities.  OF OUR LADY BABALON AND OF THE BEAST WHEREON SHE RIDETH. ALSO CONCERNING MAKING A SPONGE CAKE. (by Alistair Crowley) I The contents of this section, inasmuch as they concern OUR LADY, are too important and too sacred to be printed. They are only communicated by the Master Therion to chosen pupils in private instruction. II The creation of the


The Daily Mail, conspiracy nut-jobs and the born-again Christians make a big deal about the Golden Dawn because the so-called Black Magician Aleister Crowley was a member. Crowley’s own followers claim that the Great Beast was an influence on the Golden Dawn and was the living embodiment of the system, which only he had the power to change.The source of most of these various claims are Crowley himself. He was the only person to write down some events connected to the Golden Dawn and for some reason is seen by the people above as being truthful about what he saw. In fact, Crowley was spinning a story in which he was the central character and what is amazing is that many people

When did Thelema become the Westboro Baptist Church?

For those who want the background of what I am commenting on have a look at the watchers of the dawnsite.Thanks WikicommonsAs I started to work with underworld deities I started to warm to some of Crowley’s material and was starting to care less about some of the doubts I had about Thelema.  But recently the antics of three “high profile” Thelemites have led me to question where that religion is going. I know that the behaviour of three does not define a religion, but these three have managed to come up with something which is nothing short of an atrocity based on their no doubt deep conviction that is what Thelema says.My main focus is really the point which