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Truth ! Certainty ! That in which there is no doubt !   The Hermetic Tablet is a quarterly Journal of Western Ritual Magic where people, from all traditions, share their experiences. Some of the contributors are well known names in the occult field, while others are just those who want to share knowledge and experiences with the public. This issue includes articles written by the following writers: Jake Stratton-Kent, Mike Magee, Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Aaron Leitch, Christine Zalewski, Nick Farrell, Paola Farrell,  Jayne Gibson,  Samuel Scarborough, Harry Wendrich, Alex Sumner, Carman Lawrick, Bro. Yeheshua Netzach,  Steve Nichols, Cynthia Caton  and Alfonso Ricca. The Journal covers a wide range of different subjects all related to Western Ritual Magic, including Goetia, Theurgy, Angelic Magic, Ancient Egypt, and pagan ritual. There is something for anyone, from all spiritual traditions

Painting of Edward Kelly turns up at auction

Edward Kelly from the rare pictureA very rare painting of Dr John Dee’s magic partner Edward Kelley has just been sold at auction.  Measuring over 8ft wide (2.49m), it was painted on nine wooden boards and depicted the alchemist (1555-1597) it had been stored in a stable in Warwickshire and then a coachhouse in mid Wales for many years, it had previously sold at a public auction within the last ten years but then re-emerged at Mellors & Kirk's two-day auction on June 12-13.It is the only known painted image of Kelley. Simply cataloged as '17thcentury English School', and was not printed from real life,In fact it appears to have been based on a later woodcut image of Kelley

Material magic – under the moon

I have had a few questions about the diagram I drew yesterday showing the underworld.  Yes it does mean that I am saying that Dee’s Enochian Aethyers are part of the Underworld and in Christian terms subject to demonic influence.In many ways this explains some of the problems that Dee had with his angels, something that people like David Goddard and Paul Foster Case blamed on the scrying of Kelly.  However, if the Aethyers were part of the upper underworld, then it would explain the erratic visions of Angels that people get when skrying them.   It would also explain why Chorozon, who is the Devil, in Dee’s system resides amongst them. It is one of the dangers of having

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn workshops

 American readers of this blog might want to know that one of the senior adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Carrie Mikell & Aaron Leitch are running their ceremonial magic workshops in ceremonial magic starting from March 3.Aaron LeitchYou can find out more here. Aaron knows his stuff and is an expert on ceremonial magic and Enochian, having published some important books on the subject and if you want to learn more about practical Golden Dawn magic, then this is a good one to learn all about it.There are lots of different teachers within the Golden Dawn community who are offering courses either online or offline.  They are well worth looking at if you cannot join a

Angel Magic of the Bonorum

What follows is a paper I wrote in 2002 and ended up in Hermetic Virtues quite a while ago.  I  updated it in 2009 to include references to what we were doing in MOAA (we included part of this in our course work when we opened our 1=10 that year).  Sorry for submitting something so ancient but I am a bit busy writing about the Shem Angels for a new book at the moment) When Samuel Mathers included Enochian within the Golden Dawn system, he used a manuscript called Sloane 307 which he found in the British Museum.  The document post date's Dee by some years and is a practical way into the later Dee work.   There was a belief

Azoth Art is a key part of modern occultism

What follows might be seen by some as an advert for Azoth Art.  But I am a little concerned that an important online craft company might go under thanks to the wonders of Google and the search engine industry.For some reason Azoth Art  has disappeared from the search engines and its owner Cathy is fast finding that her work is drying up.  It is taking some time to sort the mess out too.Azoth Art's bannersTo those who do not know Azoth is responsible for most of the sewing within the Golden Dawn community.  To my knowledge all the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea all use robes, nemsis, sashes, banners and other

John Dee Work

I realise I have not been posting for a while, I have been writing like a mad thing and sorting out the portal Material for the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea.  Portal has required a lot of work.  Not only are the published versions of the ritual hacked about (and in my opinion unworkable) the course material for this important grade is tiny.  Much of the work appears to be writing an essay on your experiences in the Outer Order.Frankly this is a missed opportunity as I think that the portal should be a nine month pressure cooker with the student looking for connections with their Higher Self in preparation for the 5=6 grade.  When the ritual is restored