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Invoking Jesus as a pagan god

  While many neo-pagans have a problem with Jesus and Christian symbolism they need to start applying the same rules that they do with the other religions they use. Ancient magicians tended to see all faiths as something they could use. It didn’t matter what the followers of that religious thought, rather than what that God represented the magician. We can see in ancient Alexandria the Jewish religion being borrowed by the magicians who wrote the Greek magical papyri. The divine name was a holy name; it didn’t matter if you believed in the religion that spawned it. While many modern Christians or Jews would find this offensive, it requires respect and an acknowledgement by the pagan magician that God not only existed

Real pagans cannot hate monotheism

As thought experiment I tried to reconstruct the Golden Dawn ritual with the Christianity removed. I got a few minutes into the process and realised it was totally pointless. The rituals had very successfully created a pagan ritual which could be interpreted in a Christian or pagan way depending on who was doing it. It is really common amongst pagan communities to slag off the monotheist religions – Christianity, Jewish and Islam.  Normally this is a soft target because paganism is often a rebellion against the childhood religion, which is often monotheist, or a psychological projection of a father figure on a male god. Lately I have been reading an academic book Pagan Monotheism in Late Antiquity by Polymnia Athanassiadi, which turns

Calming Poseidon – Earthquaker

Poseidon is the Ancient Greek God of Earthquakes. With the recent earthquakes in Italy, I decided to try and find out what was going on and what was a possible cause. Earthquakes were often signs of a God or Goddess’s displeasure (something which are a form of imbalance).  This imbalance might be a slight by humans.  If it is, then it is not literal but symbolic. The narrative with the God or Goddess might appear biblical with much talk of smiting etc but the reality is that something has gone wrong. Modern people have lost the ability to ascribe natural disasters to the Gods, or God or anything other than natural forces. Thus, they become disconnected from them and lose their


In the Geometric Greek period (8th Century BC), there was an interesting development from Ancestor Worship to the worship of Heroes.  This was inspired by the rise of Homer and other poets. The belief was that the Heroes had been so significant in life that they could act as go-betweens between the living and the dead. Despite their often bloodthirsty acts in life, they became  defenders, healers and oracles and guaranteed fertility of the land.  The idea that they had created an access of power by their heroic acts is similar to the idea of Christian saints which came much later. In this case, they filled a role often associated with stone circle’s as the guardians of the land.  Often they were fixed

One important thing to stop doing if you are Pagan

An article was posted on Pagan Wiccan About   with the title Ten Things to Stop Doing if You're Pagan.It has a list of things which Pagans should stop doing, now that they are Pagan and most of it makes a lot of sense. Things like stop trying to fit your new religion into your old one (read Christianity);   Stop assuming all Pagans are the same etc.  All good stuff, but then it got to one which stuck in my craw a bit.  “Stop Being Silent.”Its argument was that many Pagan traditions follow a guideline that includes the idea of keeping silent.  Yet it complains that pagans use this as an excuse not to speaking out when injustice is