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Golden Dawn Vault

Pat Zalewski has just done this video on the Golden Dawn Vault... . it is the perfect companion to my book which you can find here is really good that this mysterious part of the Golden Dawn and its traditions are finally being talked about.

What things were like in Whare Ra

A few blogs have appeared attempting to discredit Pat Zalewski, and to a lesser extent my own involvement with Whare Ra.   You might find long winded blogs out there penned by people who have never even visited New Zealand, let alone talked to Whare Ra people. They all insist that Pat, Christine, or Tony, or myself had nothing to do with Whare Ra and attempt to prove it.One of the weird things I have noticed about the Internet is that you find a lot of Black is white comments, which deny things which I actually saw and took part in.  When it comes down to it, these comments are usually written by those who do not have any real

Testing a secret chief

One of the reasons I have insisted on my secret chiefs test is because it is very important that there is some form of scientific testing of the concept.  One of the reasons I have kept banging on about it is to knock a particular problem on the head. If you are running a group you can tell the world that you have a Secret Chief which gave you extraordinary information.   You can say that out of all the other magical orders, this superman gave you the best occult information which is available which “he” refuses to let other magic groups have.  What you are telling the world is that you are better than others because