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Golden Dawn astral initiation rituals do not work magically

I am famous for being blunt and the headline statement will get a few people upset. I have said over a number of years that I do not believe that astral initiation into the Golden Dawn  work, but have not said why.I would LOVE astral initiation to work. As the head of an order, it would mean that I could set up temples in the US or other far-flung parts of the world at a great rate. If I was charging fees for this, I could make a bomb. It would enable groups to be established without me having to bring people to Rome for training. In short, astral initiation is a tool for empire building rather than creating magicians.

How to read the Golden Dawn material

One of the more unusual trends within the Modern Golden Dawn is to ignore the papers that the Order actually produced in favour of those who have interpreted it.Many will be surprised that I would say this. After all there is not a single Golden Dawn student who does not have at least a copy of Israel Regardie's Golden Dawn book on their shelves. But the creation of course material by many of the Golden Dawn Orders has meant that students get information which has been processed by modern people. While there is nothing wrong with that, some information has been corrupted over the last hundred years, because people have not referred back to the original source material. Often they