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Golden Dawn Vault

Pat Zalewski has just done this video on the Golden Dawn Vault... . it is the perfect companion to my book which you can find here is really good that this mysterious part of the Golden Dawn and its traditions are finally being talked about.

Magical Machine — The Golden Dawn Vault in Colour limited edition book out now.

From the blurb“The creation of a vault is a rite of passage for any Modern Golden Dawn Order. Creation of one a Herculean task and it requires a knowledge of as much of the Second Order material as possible. It is a moot point if you can ever be a real Golden Dawn Order unless you have made one.” The Order of the Golden Dawn had a magical machine which used colour to create a magical effect within its Adepts. The construction of a vault was the key to understanding the Golden Dawn system of magic. However, it remained a closely guarded secret and before the development of the computer creating one was a work of art which required a deep