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Venus Cloacina — the purification goddess… and poo

Venus Cloacina was the Roman goddess of sewers and she is a darn useful Goddess to have a contact with. She originally came from Etruscan mythology and is a truly ancient force was a spirit of a small stream called the Cloaca which ran through the early Roman Forum. Rome was city built on a marsh and the Cloaca stream, which drained into the Tiber, was said to have seven tributary brooks that drained all the valleys of the Esquiline and Quirinal hills. Where now the Forum lies, were pools of water and marshland, Streams from the Tiber's flood swelled high the banks of this brook... Where now through the Velabrum processions move toward the Circus, Was nothing but willows and reeds that shook in

Drawing down the spirits – review

Drawing down the spirits, by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera is an interesting book which shows much more than the practical techniques of “spirit possession.” It reveals a lot about modern paganism and its problems with mythic reality. The book came recommended to me because I was interested in beefing up my system of working with what in the Western Mystery Tradition we call “contacts.”   The writers come from the Haitian Tradition and the Northern Tradition which is much more hands on than many of the Western Mystery Tradition feels comfortable with. The book is packed full of real, practical advice and techniques and explains the processes and above all the levels of spirit possession from the most basic god form work

How Christian is the Golden Dawn?

There are a few interesting posts around at the moment about the importance of  the Christian religion within the Golden Dawn and much collective agreement that this particular religion was vital, particularly of the Second Order. The evidence appears fairly conclusive with the 5=6 being a Rosicrucian ritual and this equals being a Christian. There is also the important matter that historically Christian life was vital to many within the Golden Dawn structure. However, the devil (in this case literally) is in the detail and the conclusive evidence fails before one of the central planks of the Golden Dawn philosophy – that of syncretism.  The idea of the Golden Dawn was to take different ideas and aspects of magic which on

Dr Who and the problem of immortality

Last night’s episode of Dr Who got me thinking about the nature of immortality and humanity's relationship with Gods. In the “Girl who Lived,” the Doctor created an immortal girl Ashildr (Maisie Williams). She had to write down stuff because soon her memories became overloaded, she forgot about the many lives she had lived and called herself “me”. Immortality changed her making her care less about other humans. Bored, she spent her time robbing people for a modicum of excitement. Immortality kills off feelings like love, desire and right and wrong. It is the “mayflies” as the Doctor calls them which have life correct because they hang onto every bit of life they have. The problem of immortality was first noticed by the Greek writer