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Why your Hekate is not anyone else’s

It is vital for modern religions to understand that they are not worshipping the same Gods that their ancestors followed unless they want to replace the mistakes of the past. There is a bit of debate in the blogosphere at the moment about a Hekate post here which appears to be saying another person’s pagan religion was not the same thing as theirs.  It then goes on a long list of what the person finds as historical objections to that view.  Unfortunately, the original post is full of factual inaccuracies itself which weakens the person’s case, but her arguments can be seen mirrored in many Facebook postings. “My perception of Hekate is right; yours is wrong.” The problem with this thinking is that

The Universe of the Chaldean Oracles

The purpose of this article is to produce a simple version of the neo-platonic structure behind the Chaldean Oracles so that they can be understood by modern magicians. I am trying to avoid making it too complex. One of the reasons that the Oracles have been set aside by many is because they been picked apart by academic philosophers rather than those who might have use for it. Hopefully this short article will explain the Oracles enough for a reader to piece together more of them for themselves. The Chaldean Oracles are important in the Golden Dawn, making an appearance in two of the grade rituals. But other than Wynn Westcott, who wrote a rather important translation, they were ignored. In