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Initiation rights

Having started my occult path before the arrival of the internet I am “old school” and believe that initiation is not something you get automatically. A friend of mine in another school is having problems with a student who felt he should be initiated because he said so. He had shown up, paid his dues, and he felt he was ready. He was so shocked when his teacher said no, he left in a huff and then started to attack the teacher online for not noticing his greatness. Like many modern “magicians” he has failed to see that his very actions are exactly why the teacher did not want him initiated yet. The assumption was that rejection was the ego of an


There are those who like to see the Golden Dawn as all sweetness and LVX and assume that it would never touch those dark regions of the unconscious where demons and other nasty beings like hang out. Of course, since Christianity arrived and told the pagans that their terrestrial gods were all demonic and the underworld was hell, it has made life a little more black and white. However encoded into the Golden Dawn 0=0 is a formula which suggests that that particular ritual is a journey to the underworld of archetypal proportions. Your standard visit to the underworld, at least while you are alive, is to rescue something, a princess or the love of your life, and get away still alive without


In the 21st century people, have some odd views about what initiation is and what to expect from it. On one had you have those who have come through the masonic tradition who see initiation as something which enables them to get to the top of an organisation and have a bigger hat, or more ornate apron. Then you have those who see it as a pointless exercise which stands in the way of doing “real magic” which apparently involves going on imaginary journeys to talk to invisible friends. Others dumb down the whole process as being a psychological rite of passage, and others something which can be written off as any beginning you make in a tradition. Initiation did exist