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Planetary hours have been mostly seen as a restriction in modern magic rather than a tool which can focus and strengthen a ritual. It is said that you should not do a ritual if you are going to end up doing it on the wrong day. The best time to do a Saturn ritual would be the hour of Saturn on Saturday. However this is a simplistic and inflexible approach. What you need to work out is what your ritual is really doing and what planetary powers are involved.   So for example you might what to do a binding spell to prevent someone taking a certain course of action.  Logically Saturday would be a great day for a binding spell.  But would we


The purpose of this ritual is to attain a vision of your Higher Self in the form of the God of the Sun. It is based on the so called Liturgy of Mithras and it is a tricky ritual to do. It is a really ancient ritual (which is why some of it is a difficult read) and the original can be found here. I have placed it within a Golden Dawn ritual structure because I know that can produce the right level of purification and consecration required. You should prepare carefully for the ritual beforehand with a ritual bath. The ritual should be performed on a Sunday at noon.  You should not do the ritual when the Sun in