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Trump enforcers on the march

One thing I have noticed with alarm lately is that on several different groups I monitor, including one tech magazine that there appears to be an unofficial police force forming on the Net which seeks to stop any mention of the Right, or Donald Trump. They will often populate groups saying that negative stories are “fake news” without much in the way of proof. While it is true that both pro-and anti-Trump types are spouting Fake news, none of them seem particularly upset when it is fake news about Clinton or Obama. These people are taking it upon themselves to demand that journalists who mention the Trump administration in an unfavourable light to be fired, pushed from groups, or otherwise supressed. In

Humans get the world they deserve

I grew up in a world where intelligence was valued, racism was bottled up along with sexism. It was there, but it was not socially acceptable. War was unlikely, even when the Russians and Americans were more likely to nuke each other. I dodged London terrorist attacks and yet was unfrightened. I could put them into a perspective.  This world and mindset was built from the political and ethical choices of my parents and immediate ancestors following two terrible wars, which they were determined to avoid at all costs. Now all those values are being swept away in a tide of fear and hate and that perspective is gone. Women and minorities are being smugly discriminated against, science is the new