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Occult fraudsters try to claim Whare Ra lineage

An person recently approached a MOAA member claiming to belong to a Paris-based order which had lineage from the Stella Matutina (sic) and Whare Ra.  He said that this group had been formed by a “notable American occultist” (who he named) who had received lineage from a long-time friend of mine (who he also named). The Italian was interested in the idea of fusing transmissions of Whare Ra with that of Martinism and Builders of the Adytum.  He also claimed that one of the leaders of this group (who he named) had been initiated into the tradition by my friend and held the lineage and transmission from Whare Ra. This was surprising as my friend is a serious Golden Dawn magician and

The Whare Ra warrior legend – Andrew Hamilton Russell

One of the most interesting Whare Ra members was Andrew Hamilton Russell (23 February 1868 – 29 November 1960) who is one of New Zealand’s great military heroes. Having served with the British army in India in August 1892, he got bored and returned to farming in Hawkes Bay. He helped form the Farmer’s Union and became involved conservative politics in NZ. In 1899 he raised a militia for the Boer War (the Wellington (East Coast) Mounted Rifles Regiment), although he did not go with them to South Africa. He was a lot more hands on in 1913 when he was the leader of a Massey's Cossacks which was a cavalry unit formed from famers who aggressively put down striking workers. His troops

The Whare Ra Etheric Link ritual

Whare Ra differed from the other Golden Dawn groups because of a little ritual called the Etheric Link. The ritual was given out after the 7=4 and was supposed to provide a direct connection to the Rosicrucian current. The Link ritual was obtained by Robert Felkin from Rudolf Steiner when the latter was still a Rosicrucian. There are several theories as to where Steiner obtained the ritual, which are historically interesting, but not the subject of this article. I am more interested in what the Link does and what it represented at Whare Ra. Please note that these are my ideas, and are not official and are up for debate. The Golden Dawn writer Pat Zalewski once said that the Etheric Link

How Christian is the Golden Dawn?

There are a few interesting posts around at the moment about the importance of  the Christian religion within the Golden Dawn and much collective agreement that this particular religion was vital, particularly of the Second Order. The evidence appears fairly conclusive with the 5=6 being a Rosicrucian ritual and this equals being a Christian. There is also the important matter that historically Christian life was vital to many within the Golden Dawn structure. However, the devil (in this case literally) is in the detail and the conclusive evidence fails before one of the central planks of the Golden Dawn philosophy – that of syncretism.  The idea of the Golden Dawn was to take different ideas and aspects of magic which on


The latest issue of Watchers of the Dawn  brings up an interesting issue of what happens when you tell other people your Grade. This week both Martin Thibeault and David Griffin announced that they held high Golden Dawn grades. Martin said he was a 9=2 and David said that his order offered teaching up to 10=1 (which implies he holds that grade). Normally no one ever talks about their grade outside their order. There are two reasons for this. One is that people, like Watchers, will say that you are claiming to hold a grade which you cannot remotely have the spiritual experience for and they would equally question your motivation for claiming it. Martin points out that the grades are “administration only”


A debate is starting to happen on whether or not the New Zealand Whare Ra order, which was the last Golden Dawn group with a direct lineage to the original order was better than the modern versions which have emerged since the 1970’s. The danger is that both sides can see themselves as better than the other, which would be completely untrue. For those who came in late, Whare Ra’s existence was first made known in a book published by Pat Zalweski in the 1980s.  Zalewski, and his wife Christine were not a members of Whare Ra but was exclusively trained by one of its best Heirophants Jack Taylor. Later it emerged that Tony Fuller was also trained by a Whare