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Helios Unbound: Pagan Theurgy to Connect to Your Higher Genius

















The Western Mystery Tradition is based on a bedrock of pagan magic, yet too many important developments are over-influenced by post-pagan Judeo-Christian-Islamic dogma. One of these is the concentrated “storming of the gates of heaven” technique known as the Abramelin system, in which the magician attempts to contact a spirit called the Holy Guardian Angel after an intense six- or 18-month programme.

In Helios Unbound, Nick Farrell liberates the Western Mystery Tradition from its Christian past by adapting modern ceremonial magical techniques with pagan practices to provide a working system to contact a person’s divine self. The Ancients called this divine self their Higher Genus, and Farrell sees this spirit as the key to understanding your spiritual and material destiny and working practical magic.

The book takes you through the practical information you need covering a wide range of magical subjects including Ceremonial Magic, Hellenistic Astrology, Astral Work, Meditation, Theurgy and Philosophy based on Ancient and Modern sources.

Magicians who do not see the need to follow the mainstream religions but wish to return to more ancient symbols will find many of the answers they are seeking in this book.

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Beyond the Sun: The History, Teachings and Rituals of the Last Golden Dawn Temple.

















This book contains the formerly unpublished Inner Order teachings of the missing order of the Golden Dawn – Whare Ra. Whare Ra managed to keep secret and above all keep running long after the other Golden Dawn magical orders had given up the ghost. Closing in the late 1970s, the Order was founded by Dr Robert Felkin 100 years ago. From its base in New Zealand, Whare Ra became a secret forefront of occult teaching.

Nick Farrell presents the Second Order Rituals of this Order including the 6=5 and 7=4 in their complete and unedited state as well as the 6=5 training papers and lectures. He also examines the history of Whare Ra and provides commentaries to the rituals. Contained in this book are the 6=5 experiences of the poet W.B. Yeats and other adepts who went through the various initiations. It also contains magical exercises inspired by the Whare Ra material.


Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic

magical imagination cover

Imagination is our inner vision, our human skill to see different realities. It can take us to the throne of God, it can connect us to the stream of infinity and allow us to see the universe for what it really is. Controlled use of the imagination is fundamental to magical practice, and this comprehensive study by an experienced practitioner provides the keys to understanding and using these powerful inner techniques. Based on Nick Farrell’s previous book Magical Pathworking, this greatly revised and expanded edition includes new chapters which further develop the techniques of pathworking for magical and spiritual purposes. It covers group work, divination, visiting other inner world dimensions and working towards what Farrell calls objective pathworking. “Even if you think you know all about visualisation, pathworking and the magical key of imagination – even if you teach the subjects – this book will astound you. Nick Farrell explores magical imagination with depth and discernment, revealing principles and methods that will enrich and transform your magical and spiritual practice. Quite simply, this book is the best of its kind and extends the magical use of imagination to new heights and insights. It is an essential book for all magicians, Pagans and anyone who works with the inner realms.” – Peregrin Wildoak, author of By Names and Images.


The Shem Grimoire















The Shem Grimoire is a complete ritual magical system fusing the Golden Dawn and Solomonic ritual magic techniques with those of Jewish Cabbalistic mysticism and Tarot. This is powerful system developed by the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea as his personal system and is being made public for the first time. It unlocks the Shem Ha-Memphoresh and Angelic lore of the Shem and provides the secrets behind the Minor Keys of the Tarot and provides a spiritual path for those who truly wish it work with those divine agents behind the universe.

The book is exactly what it says on the tin.  It is a collection of my Kabbalistic notes and essays on invoking the 72 Shem Angels.   It is a process that I started to investigate several years ago and built up momentum until it started teaching me more about Tarot and the angels.
This book was compiled from my notes and diaries and so is not exactly orthodox.  It uses the Golden Dawn system of magic in its highest aspects and includes papers on consecrating tools for this particular work.
What I found interesting was that besides requiring me to tinker with the Tarot system, the Shem Angels suggested that they were the key to not only understanding your chart but how to work with it to be who you are supposed to be.
The Shem system I worked on says that the 12 areas of your life are controlled by 12 Shem guardians.  Understanding those areas of your life involves talking to them. In addition, while your life is under the authority of the seven main planetary spirits these are specialised according to the deans of your chart and have unique angels appointed to them.
This could mean some big changes for personal rituals as it is possible to get into the details of why some rituals work and some don’t  and to talk to the beings that are making sure that it does (or doesn’t).
This book has burnt me out and I am not going to do any more for a while.  There is a lot in it and it is a really serious book.  It is 333 pages and on a larger format than I normally use.  I think on that basis it is the largest book I have ever written It is packed full of diagrams, sigils and woodcuts.  This is mostly because I always wanted to create a magic book (of the sort you see on Buffy).

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Making Talismans: Creating Living Magical Tools for Change and Transformation


Discover the secret keys and practical techniques to turn mundane objects into “living entities of power,” bringing real change in your life. By pooling magical practices from shamanism, paganism, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and Dion Fortune, Making Talismans offers training and techniques for performing advanced magical talismanic operations. For many years this occult classic has been “out of print” and now has been reworked by the author to reveal more detailed and advanced magical work. This book is nearly entirely practical and tells the reader how to create talismans which work and how this specialist form of magical work can be part of a spiritual path. Nick Farrell is the author is the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which is a modern Golden Dawn dedicated to magical experimentation and development.
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Egyptian Shaman: The Primal Spiritual Path of Ancient Egypt


Experience the Primal Spiritual Path of Ancient Egypt The spiritual traditions of Ancient Egypt are well documented and are at the forefront of the Western Mystery and Magical Tradition. But they are a gloss over a more primal “shamanic” tradition which gets to the essence of Nature and its relationship with humanity, life and death. This book is a practical manual for those who wish to explore that primal spirituality using Egyptian symbolism. As Egypt was one of the village cultures, so Egyptian shamanism was one of the first to operate in an urban environment, making its techniques suitable for modern times. Egyptian Shaman paints the picture of what it was like to be a village priest in Ancient Egypt before describing the practical techniques which would have been employed during those times. These techniques, which have never been revealed before, have been adapted for modern minds with the intention of making this a practical spiritual path. The book controversially contains a chapter on exorcism and dealing with the dead, which many have claimed are subjects which should not be published. It shows how later Egyptian texts, such as the Book of the Dead, were Shamanic guide books to the Underworld. This is a book containing the keys to transmute, not only the self, but the whole planet.

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The Osiris Scroll

osirisscroll cover

This book contains a modern magical technique based on the esoteric bedrock of he Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This work was compiled by the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea, Nick Farrell. This book as a limited distribution because it is innovative modern magic which works and is based on a manuscript which has previously only been available to adepts in his Order. Farrell is also concerned that many modern readers can’t handle what this system will force them to deal with. Using spirit vision, and active imagination techniques, this book takes the reader through a serious of magical ordeals before finally uniting them with their Higher Self. It has similarities in its goals to the Judaeo-Christian Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage but its methods are focused on Ancient Egypt

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Mathers’ Last Secret REVISED – The Rituals and Teachings of the Alpha et Omega

mathers last secret

The Golden Dawn Tradition is experiencing a period of rapid growth and development. For over 100 years the rituals of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega (R.O.A.O.) have been locked away in private collections and unavailable for many occultists to study and compare. The publication of these rituals are particularly interesting as they demonstrate the direction Mathers moved after he was expelled from the original Order of the Golden Dawn. As Nick Farrell clearly demonstrates in this book, Mathers moved to a Masonic style of operation in marked contrast to the Stella Matutina which developed in a Magical direction. Nick Farrell has made every effort to keep the rituals and diagrams true to the original Nisi material even when the discrepancies were likely incorrect. This is valuable for those who want to examine the material as close to the original manuscripts as possible. Nick Farrell’s ‘Mathers’ Last Secret’ will be discussed many years from now right along with Pat Zalewski’s ‘Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries’ and Israel Regardie’s ‘The Golden Dawn’.

This book is the ONLY book which publishes the AO materials and destroyed the concept that the AO was somehow BETTER under Mathers.


King Over the Water – Samuel Mathers and the Golden Dawn

king over the water

Over the years many myths have built up about one of the founders of the Golden Dawn, Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers. Many of these have been created by those who wish to damn the Golden Dawn and its system of magic or by those who want to naively believe a bogus magical story about the Order and its founders. In King Over the Water, Golden Dawn magician Nick Farrell paints a picture of the founders of the Golden Dawn becoming out of their depth as the Order began to create magicians. Rather than painting Mathers as an eccentric genius, Farrell sees him as an autocratic fantasist. He sees Mathers struggling to keep up as his students rapidly became better than him at the system he created, and shows how he was unable to raise his game to help the Order develop further. In what is a portrait of the problems that could befall any esoteric leader, Farrell (author of Gathering The Magic, a textbook on magical group dynamics) reveals how Mathers’ later rituals were an attempt to remove the magic from the system he created so that he could milk it for money. Included are previously unpublished papers from Mathers’ own version of the Golden Dawn, the Alpha et Omega, including the original Z documents, the full version of the Book of the Tomb (a key document for creating a Vault of the Adepts), the original method for the consecration of the sword, and much more. King Over the Water is the prequel to Farrell’s groundbreaking exposé on the Alpha et Omega, Mathers’ Last Secret, and provides another look into the mind of a magician that helped develop the magic we use today.


When a Tree Falls

tree falls

Time is slowing down. Andrew, an English programmer, living alone in Bulgaria, finds out he is the next evolution of humanity and has to save the world before a mysterious being slows down time into a single dull moment. Andrew is forced on a quest through time and alternative realities to find God, whose true name is Jeff.
Guided by his Holy Guardian Angel, Tigger, the patron angel of computers and other things that are designed to blow up, his journey goes through Hell and out the other side. He meets demons, the Triple Goddess, finds out the secret of Avebury, Jeff’s reason for creating the universe and above all the answer to the question “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?”
It was described as an archaic romp through time, space and philosophy reminiscent of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, or a bloke who has eaten too many strange mushrooms on an empty stomach.

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Magic Machine

















The Order of the Golden Dawn had a magical machine which used colour to create a magical effect within its Adepts. The construction of a vault was the key to understanding the Golden Dawn system of magic. However, it remained a closely guarded secret and before the development of the computer creating one was a work of art which required a deep knowledge of the colour magic of the Golden Dawn.  Few vaults have been built in the modern era and, thanks to the secrecy surrounding the original magical order, many have been constructed on using colours or ideas which have not been right.

In Magic Machine, I have  provided full colour drawings of what a vault should look like and offers readers of what will be for many will be a first glimpse of the Golden Dawn’s magical machine.

I have also provided a method of how to use the vault walls and other material in a practical way without needing to construct a full sized model for yourself. He gives techniques for exploring the Inner heart of the Magical Golden Dawn.

This is not a book for beginners, but for those wanting to work deeply with the Golden Dawn system at the adept level.  It fills a gap in the Golden Dawn magical knowledge  in the 21st century written by someone who has actually built one himself.

Apparently it might be a bit controversial because there are some who think that this information should not be made available.  It is 56 pages and in full colour you can order it by pressing the button,




  1. These books are well worth getting, whilst i don’t always agree with the personal conclusions Mr. Farrell makes and arrives…in the areas of historicity he writes about, I have no issues with…once again, well worth buying these books whilst you can still get them…so hurry!

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