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Magical Order of the AURORA AUREA

Magical Order of the AURORA AUREA

The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea (MOAA) is a modern expression of the Golden Dawn tradition which was founded by Nick Farrell and his wife, Paola

It is an international Order with its headquarters in Rome and Temples forming in Ireland, England, and Slovenia.  However it is now deliberately small, non-public and withdrawn. We have no interest in actively recruiting and require members to come to Rome for initiations. We equally do not see it likely that we will ever want a presence outside Europe.

The website has recently been updated with more information due to be added. Please review the website and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to receive further updates.

You can find out more by visiting the website 


  1. Hi Nick,
    I am the owner of Hermes Books in Istanbul Turkey. I am interested in printing your books, and would like to consider cooperation on other levels as well. I am no longer associated with any HOGD.
    We have printed 9 books by Dion Fortune, four by w.E. Butler, and will move on to deeper material.

  2. Krzysztof Pawłowski

    Does the order have a pre-iniatory phase? A formu/blog? I know you’ve said you wait dor the pandemic to be over but, honestly, this might not come to past 😉 I’m asking because the country I’m residing in has absolutely nothing even close to a magical society if you don’t count masonic lodges and even they themselves are not advertising now.

  3. Lincoln Calcavecchi

    Brother Farrell,
    I am in an American-run version of the GD waiting at the Portal level for hoped-for invitation. I have a couple of your books and want to ask specifically about the Osiris Scroll, the process which I will conduct beginning in the next month of June, for however long it takes. I’ve had the book for several months now, read and re-read it. I’ve bought a voice recorder to record the passages as you’ve instructed. One thing I ask for clarity about, please. In the beginning pages, you said that one should practice the gates every day but only do one gate per week. My inference is that we do the same gate every day for a minimum of 7 days. Am I correct? My next conclusion is that those gates or pylons that have additional doorways and hours would each be a week of practice. Correct?
    Many thanks!

      1. Xavier Garcia

        Dear Mr Farrell

        Huge fan
        I have a simple question. After reading your blog post concerning overrated GD daily rites it definitely reverberates with me. After so many years of practicing those same rites(with equal quantitative results)I have begun to question them. So I wanted to inquire as to what you would recommend as an alternative daily regimen for a GD active magician as myself. I’m now 57 years on this rock and continue to discover more..

        Many thanx

        Xavier from Miami FL

  4. Sorry I don’t know where to put this. I’m sure its second edition 2014 on Making Talismans. The recreation of Barrett Mars Talisman has a mistake. My Hebrew is poor. But I’m sure what I see on page 52 is Zazel Zayin-aleph-zayin-lamed backwards of course. It should have been Zamael. It was my plan to replace the Hebrew anyways with Celestial Alphabet so that I can read them better. I often confuse the symbols ie numbers with other numbers. Anyways. It takes time to put this all together. I have read all your books Zalewski, Chic, etc…Performed all the elemental grades and portal. Lately I have just been stuck on talismanic work. I feel that it’s fine to build the talisman before contacting angels and intelligence. Sure path working should take place at some point or magical imagination but I feel the honor of the art plays a role. Perhaps holding off on obverse side of talisman until you charge it is a good decision. Its one of the many things I find conflicting in this wonderful GD. Tradition. I plant to write about my experiences. But I just wanted to share my thoughts here.

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