Sorry, you can’t be alt-right and a member of the Golden Dawn
Sorry, you can’t be alt-right and a member of the Golden Dawn

Sorry, you can’t be alt-right and a member of the Golden Dawn

A debate has started on Facebook about me banning a couple of people from a GD discussion group for disseminating alt-right ideas.

Some people think that the issue is political and you should not be talking about politics on a Golden Dawn chat group anyway.  While there is some truth in this, for me the issue is NOT political at all. Alt-Right ideas are not political at all but are the antithesis of everything the Golden Dawn represents.

Stripping away “political” ideas of alt-right we are still left with the following fundamental beliefs which are alien to the core of the Golden Dawn:

  • The superiority of white males.
  • Hatred of Jews and Muslims and homosexuals.
  • A misogynistic opposition to “feminism” which is a call for women to adopt traditional roles.

The Golden Dawn founders were familiar with these views as they were typical of those which surrounded them in the late Victorian period.  However, they were explicitly outlawed by the Golden Dawn which wanted to move away from them. Firstly, the Golden Dawn wanted to see equality between the sexes within magic. It is possible to make a case that the GD was formed for that purpose. It paid dividends to the GD as some of its most significant ritualists and teachers were women. A GD adept is sworn to protect equality within the order. Someone holding misogynistic views, or who wants women to get back to a support role to men, therefore, would not be allowed to take the 5=6 oath.

Religious intolerance of any type is forbidden in the 0=0.  All religions are said to “contain a light of the highest of which you seek.”  So if you attack Jews or Muslim beliefs, you are insulting the Higher which manifests through them.

Lastly, the Order teaches at that all things come from one thing and humanity is part of a single divine being. What race is Adam Kadmon?  If you are saying white males are superior, you are disconnecting yourself from the unity which is the human race.

Working against unity, against humanity, is not the path of a Golden Dawn magician. It is the path of something darker. So, this is why alt-Right types are unwelcome within the Golden Dawn tradition. This goes over and above any political beliefs that might be held about “guns,” “family,” “global warming” “abortion” etc.

Of course, there might be some modern GD groups that disagree and allow race-hate, sexism, homophobia and intolerance amongst its members.  It is just that in my little patch of the post-GD garden we frown upon such things. To me it is a bit like a Satanist wanting to be a Roman Catholic – there are fundemental reasons why such a mix is impossible. Personally I think that the Golden Dawn, despite is age is not the voice of conservative magic but rather liberal.